Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 Free Update RUINED RANK MORE THAN EVER!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 Free Update RUINED RANK MORE THAN EVER discussion video talking about how the recent dlc 8 free update ruined rank to the point to where I will never play it again for the reasons I explain in the video but let me know your thoughts on everything I said and how you feel about this as well.

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  • Super saiyan Cabby28

    Super saiyan Cabby28

     a years ago +41

    Guys I made a editing mistake at 2:22 I originally had it right but had to re edit due to vegas crashing and forgot to reinsert the image of how rank is now I do apologize for this though hope you all understand #cabbysquad

  • ice-coldjoe


     a years ago

    Yea i hate it but i still do rank matches cuz randoms never join me anymore in player matches and i cant stand joining randoms cuz i dont like not hosting cuz one people either sit there or kick me as soon as i get in or when they do keep me and we play some either spam or jump i wanna be in control and kick those kinda players cuz i cant stand that

  • NOVE 17

    NOVE 17

     a years ago +1

    Wish they would fix the net code

  • theHedgex1


     a years ago

    I have no idea why they did this if you run into somebody you know is a modder or somebody that likes to spam like the guy that likes the copy other people's names you know him as -_- and decide not to fight by leaving the lobby before the game starts and the game punishes you now by taking away BP. It's not even to rage quit they just punish you just for not fighting.

  • David Phoenix

    David Phoenix

     a years ago

    Was waiting for your response..it killed ranked totally..every 5th is a modder and you have to close the game..already wrote bandai an email even it won't change much

  • shadow Shinobi1988

    shadow Shinobi1988

     a years ago

    This really doesn't affect me cuz I don't play online in Xenoverse 2 but the one thing that does piss me off and annoy me is that my RAID Mode is online only so I can't get any of the costumes from the previous raid battles.

  • I.K. Slash

    I.K. Slash

     a years ago

    no worries, my garbage wifi is gonna make me leave

  • Thanos


     a years ago

    I like not getting kicked, thats it

  • Senko Online

    Senko Online

     a years ago

    Great I'll basically be stuck fighting laggers cheesers Blue gokus and ki cancellers

  • Senko Online

    Senko Online

     a years ago

    Only time I play for seriously is for those TP rewards like the Tapion outfits I only own the original cause I really don't care for re colours

  • WolfFistProductions


     a years ago

    Watching Cabby play a PQ is lit. This is what I wanna see, applying them rank skills to the PQ.

  • SSJRyu1


     a years ago

    They just need to make an option for only battling 3 bar or higher connections, or any player, like they have for region and level. That way boosters still get the shaft but you can choose to only fight decent connection quality players.

  • Nep Neppers

    Nep Neppers

     a years ago

    I personally don't have an issue
    I play ranked for fun, not for a challenge
    Most people i find on ranked i can destroy
    I enjoy this update because now i won't get kicked for no reason (propably boosters kicking me)
    I'm on xbox so not that many modders and also i have very rarely fought one too two bars and even then i usually don't experience that bad of lag

  • Eric Phillips

    Eric Phillips

     a years ago

    With that being said, when you run into modders you ve face that are untouchable, not even body change affects them, its ridiculous

  • sean reliford

    sean reliford

     a years ago

    I cried when he said good and xenoverse comunity" in the same sentence

  • Lakshikat


     a years ago

    This game has developers that can't even change the hair sprites when transforming into super saiyan. And we expect them to fix the netcode or balance skills 😂😂 honestly, I'm very disappointed with this game. Will skip jump force, probably even xv3. But I will always follow you and enjoy it all from here :)

  • MysticLightBlu 1

    MysticLightBlu 1

     a years ago

    I dont play online really on this game

  • Til-FireStone


     a years ago

    I fucking try like a whole day for the fucking skills and all only what i get the same thing only supersouls fuck this game!

  • Mystic Lysandre

    Mystic Lysandre

     a years ago

    I only want not leaving in Tournaments not the other so I have to get off the game and go back inside

  • RaijinSenju™


     a years ago

    I stopped playing Ranked after I hit 10K BP.