• Published on:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • Well.. He wasn't a very happy fellow now was he.... Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 appears to bring some hilarious rage out of some people... lmao but sheesh, he didn't have to insult me so much.

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    Deion "SeeReax"


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  • jauvorie the super saiyan blue kaioken X10

    jauvorie the super saiyan blue kaioken X10

     43 minutes ago

    This guy is a boomer seerax

  • TylerFromDa9


     15 hours ago

    disgrace to hit users😑

  • Megamen


     19 hours ago

    I mean just say that "You..........Are...........Better". Its hard at the first but you will get used to it by the time. Especially if you guys play like that dude in the video lol.

  • Bub Gaming

    Bub Gaming


    Teach me your ways 🤣😇

  • Gilver Yamato

    Gilver Yamato


    "Touches Button twice"
    Rage Babies: F*CKING SPAM B*TCH!!! BRUUUUUHHH!!!

  • Tyler Quan

    Tyler Quan


    Keep trying to use pressure sign lol

  • Ad0N 1515

    Ad0N 1515


    You know how many times I’ve watched this and keep going back to it it’s tooo funny

  • Cryptic Bëast

    Cryptic Bëast



  • Chris



    Damn bro I wanna be this good

  • UR MOM

    UR MOM

     3 days ago

    You should’ve used Guldo.

  • Caleb Blogs

    Caleb Blogs

     3 days ago

    Wow. Just wow. I mean if I where that guy who was losing I wouldn’t take it too seriously it’s just a game

  • Legit trades Ps4 only

    Legit trades Ps4 only

     4 days ago

    Why am i just seeing this 😂😂😂

  • themangoman YT

    themangoman YT

     4 days ago

    Aight now i need the full game. (Not Lite)

  • Help Me

    Help Me

     5 days ago

    I legit think this sounds like no offense DevilArtemis

  • killa_king_ 803

    killa_king_ 803

     5 days ago

    Remove this video of me you fucking bitch or I'll report you for the third time. Also why the fuck isnt youtube removing it? Ive reported it..

  • Taco Gaming

    Taco Gaming

     5 days ago

    This kid is just fucking.. SPAMMINNNN GUAAAAH

  • Anonymous does stuff

    Anonymous does stuff

     5 days ago

    whats the music he put at the start of the video?

  • Red Hot

    Red Hot

     6 days ago

    hit was becoming self aware because he wanted killa king 803 to stop wasting his time by being bad wi pth him

  • ツsync


     6 days ago

    SeeReax: 3 2 1 then comes a cut

    Kills_king_803: god damn

  • phillip dutcher

    phillip dutcher

     6 days ago

    Im surprised this got so manny views 😂