Top 10 funny performances Got Talent

  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  • Top 10 funny performances Got Talent

    The Sexiest Performances on Got Talent -

    Top Sexy Performances | Got Talent 2017 -

    10) Ricky K 0:04
    9) Darren Carr 2:25
    8) Graham Blackledge 5:04
    7) James Ingham and Ed Gleave 10:58
    6) Ray Jessel 15:32
    5) Paul Zerdin 19:34
    4) Steve Hewlett 24:02
    3) Marc Métral 28:34
    2) Philip Green 32:34
    1) Paul Zerdin 37:44
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  • Car Lover

    Car Lover

     2 hours ago

    Forward to 2020 and most of us will say that baby puppet is megan and Harry's . But much better he can move ...

  • Andmondson Create

    Andmondson Create

     3 hours ago

    Graham nailed it. The act went over the judges heads to the audience. He had more talent in his gig than the judges combined in their whole careers.

  • Andmondson Create

    Andmondson Create

     3 hours ago

    Kyle - awkward smile, butt hurt, zero sense of humour.

  • Mohsin Shehzad

    Mohsin Shehzad

     14 hours ago

    My favorite is 15:33 anyone else's favorite like my comment 👍👇

  • Carlos Quiroa

    Carlos Quiroa

     16 hours ago

    They were so brilliant ! LoL !

  • Michael Gross

    Michael Gross

     19 hours ago

    10:33 at this moment, I realized that this normal average guy playing an organ beat the round through comedy alone...which have I remind you, he didn’t sign up for. He was just singing and playing

  • Alex Shulha

    Alex Shulha


    western humor so stupid but talents perfect

  • T1kki


     2 days ago

    кривлянья это не смешно

  • Eyevanvlog


     2 days ago

    2:41 that's snooker world star Mark Williams right there!

  • 호ᅩ호ᄉᄀ


     2 days ago

    In my life, it's was best show thank you😂

  • Luis Mendez

    Luis Mendez

     2 days ago

    Am I the only one who find this is the most boring humor ever? didn't laugh one bit

  • chetan chetu

    chetan chetu

     3 days ago

    I love u Amanda ....

  • Cliff


     4 days ago

    I guess all the judges already used up their golden buzzers, for the talking dog?

  • Audrey Rose

    Audrey Rose

     4 days ago

    These are great lol

  • Fatih G

    Fatih G

     5 days ago

    AMK Bunu Türkiye'de yap, yaşına bakmazlar ziginden adamı asarlar...

  • Victor Muli

    Victor Muli

     5 days ago

    The stage looks like a dick

  • Himsssss


     5 days ago +2

    Hate or love, that old chap was singing for us all confused Murphy's dove.

  • Elvis Mark

    Elvis Mark

     6 days ago

    Simon Cowell I don't know how many times I had seen this Frenchman with his dog I think it's mostly the best ventriloquism I had ever seen in my life but what a great companionship this man has with his dog I wish I could have gone but there's a time just stop excellent work and I congratulate the Frenchman of War and it was a very good funny thing I'll tell you that the most funniest thing I've ever seen I wish I could go on Elvis

  • MaIe Code

    MaIe Code

     6 days ago

    fucking idiots!

  • andrew LAeon

    andrew LAeon

     6 days ago

    This guy is being funny without even trying