15 Strange Rules Every Saiyan Has To Follow In Dragon Ball

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 24, 2019
  • The Things ALL Saiyans Do (Dragon Ball)

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    The first episode of Dragon Ball Z revealed that Goku had been an alien this whole time, a member of the Saiyan race, a warrior species with great power and a thirst for battle. Since then, we learned more and more about Saiyans, from episodes of DBZ to Super and even the franchise’s latest film. There’s a lot to know about Saiyans, especially when it comes to the personality traits, attributes and coincidental occurrences they all have in common.

    Everything from their taste in mates to their strange aging and its many side-effects, the Saiyans are an interesting people, each new fact learned being just as fascinating as the last, which is why we decided to round up some of the most interesting things that ALL Saiyans do in the main canon of the series. Take a look and let us know what you think down in the comments. Thanks for watching!


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     an hour ago

    so frieza means freezer? or somethin hahaha

  • TheFaithfulDragon


     3 hours ago

    the sayan's tail comes from goku's original inspiration in sun wukong, the monkey king of acient chinese tales.

  • RUNWAYSLAYERZZ baltimoreMd

    RUNWAYSLAYERZZ baltimoreMd

     5 hours ago

    So saiyans like black girls is what you saying

  • Alfie Lunnon

    Alfie Lunnon

     7 hours ago

    What doesn't make sense is gohan had a tail when he was young but goten never had a tail when he was born

  • Tim Turner

    Tim Turner

     8 hours ago

    They don't have tails so they can have tides on earth.

  • Cobeoe



    Gohan's tail was grabbed any felt week joying Revenge of Cooler




    9:06 Kaioken Chi-Chi

  • Carl Her

    Carl Her


    “15 strange rules saiyans have to follow” yet they’re explaining traits that they have and not rules at all 🤦‍♂️

  • Marco TinyTiger

    Marco TinyTiger


    simply saiyan seems to be capable of transfer combat exp trough dna this would explain all the ssj family tree. plus considering that on planet vegeta the tail was considered super duper important this could explain why goku was the first super ssj. u need to cut the tail to unlock the transformation. the only exception is broly which is the "real" legendary ssj which skip the tail rule

  • Dunkleosteus



    "saiyans have strong genes because gohan, goten and pan have dark hair and dark eyes". Yeah... Because Chichi is clearly supposed to be east-asian. Videl has blue eyes, but when a blue-eyed human and a brown-eyed human (gohan) have children, they will almost always be a blue-eyed carrier but express brown eyes. Bulla and Trunks are half saiyan and half bulma, and they have neither dark hair nor dark eyes. It looks more like saiyans have incredibly WEAK genes, in terms of appearance. Gohan, Goten, and Pan have dark hair because all of their parents do, and pan has dark eyes because her grandmother is Asian.

  • Dunkleosteus



    not hard to guess why people don't want saiyans to have tails. It eventually becomes much more trouble than it's worth.

  • Kiid_Precise



    #9 is wrong vagetaa brother is alive and still has a tail :/

  • Alexander Tiller

    Alexander Tiller


    I feel some of this is bullshit. Mainly relating that hybrids and offsprings of hybrids have more potential. I feel that would be the opposite but I wouldn’t say it’s because of them being “hybrids” or anything. But more of the fact that a offspring of Saiyans in general are prone to become stronger through the training they endure with their parents since saiyans have the ability to overcome their limits which is why you saw that gohan finally became a super saiyan after actually being able to fully train with goku thanks to chichi limiting his training then goten having a little more freedom to train with gohan was able to achieve super saiyan faster than goku and gohan but in GT(cannon or not I still feel it would follow more) and bulla would not achieve this due to the fact that even tho pan has some combat training she didn’t train under gohan as much and bulla not having any fighting whatsoever.

  • Kade Parker

    Kade Parker

     yesterday +1

    In super, Whis mentions something about earth's atmosphere that seems to naturally calm the saiyans aggression

  • Shh



    Trunks has blue hair

  • Slasherrr_VoID


     2 days ago

    Vegetas brother is alive and has a tail

  • Slasherrr_VoID


     2 days ago

    Plz stop acting as if u have a country accent

  • That guy with crippling depression

    That guy with crippling depression

     2 days ago

    -Saiyans are born violent and have tails
    -Frieza calls them monkeys

    Are saiyans actually just super-powered chimpanzees?

  • Juan The Snow Leopard

    Juan The Snow Leopard

     2 days ago +2

    "i bet there isn't a dragon ball who didn't know the saiyans were named after vegetables"
    Me: looks in shame knowing i didn't know this

  • Tashi Tobgay

    Tashi Tobgay

     2 days ago

    Its like aragon's race in middle earth...?dinadiuns?