DBXV2: CAC Fusion w/Transformations SSJ3-SSB Evolution-LSSJ Broly, Vegeta & Goku | Xenoverse 2 MODS⚡

  • Published on:  Sunday, June 24, 2018
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Gameplay


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    Sorry for no credit and links somehow everything all descriptions removed by mistake. I will try my best to Update asap

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/xnBhOly2eIU


  • Game Finisher

    Game Finisher

     a years ago +8

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  • Crude Prod.

    Crude Prod.

     6 months ago

    If fusion becomes a thing for cac in xenoverse most likely xenoverse 3 it's probably gonna be a mentor thing and will be very limited when it comes to appearance I mean honestly guys who are expecting fantastic design and co op fusion they can't individually design someone a fusion most likely you'll get only fusion dance type and it'll be a simple gogeta/Gotenks look with the only different ones being interspecies, intergender, broly sorta only by color, and Zamasu which will just be fused Zamasu with gogeta gear

  • Goku Black

    Goku Black

     9 months ago +1

    No mods ffs

  • 4tuneBlitz


     10 months ago

    Does It Depends on ur enemy then fuse with him

  • Sauceboi 6 Billion

    Sauceboi 6 Billion

     10 months ago

    Come on dimps....yall couldn't TRY something like this?

  • Steve Cosby

    Steve Cosby

     a years ago

    Your cannl cant spell is bad traaaaasssh

  • Popplio HQ

    Popplio HQ

     a years ago

    this is more like stealing your opponents body zamasu style than fusion.

  • Son Goku

    Son Goku

     a years ago

    First the tournament of power stage mod, then kefla SSB Evoution mod, and now this, now i've seen everything

  • Mortal Kombat Wiki Hitoshi Izanagi

    Mortal Kombat Wiki Hitoshi Izanagi

     a years ago

    Kaddish: Good We Need Namekian Cac Fusions As An Namekian Awoken Skill For Xenoverse 3

  • The Dark Star Invades

    The Dark Star Invades

     a years ago

    Why does my character look like his I never even knew

  • epicbttf121


     a years ago

    At 3:46 what is that move?

  • Joe Smoe

    Joe Smoe

     a years ago

    where did u get the charge mixer?

  • Daniel Breece

    Daniel Breece

     a years ago

    Like dude do u even know how to play the game

  • King Lancelot

    King Lancelot

     a years ago

    I'd like to see a fusion mechanic (fuse with friends) and ssj4 for cac but u can customize the hair

  • Kevin Simmons

    Kevin Simmons

     a years ago +1

    This is kind of clickbait

  • Oli


     a years ago

    The intro is something the eyes can’t handle

  • Cherrie Schulz

    Cherrie Schulz

     a years ago


  • Phoenix Raven

    Phoenix Raven

     a years ago +1

    You need better reaction timing

  • Jackson McAuley

    Jackson McAuley

     a years ago

    I don't understand why ban dai won't do some things like this if just random people could do this im pretty sure a company that made the game could do it I would pay money if it was in a future DLC

  • Juanita Ortiz

    Juanita Ortiz

     a years ago

    Love the idea 💡