imran khan best speech of all time



  • pilotAyse


     4 months ago

    0:8 Amir Khan ? 😂

  • Ovais Shah

    Ovais Shah

     5 months ago

    Stupid Anchor chutiya

  • Sharjeel Afzal

    Sharjeel Afzal

     6 months ago

    you only lose when you give up. Imran khan pm of pakistan.



     6 months ago

    In naya Pakistan we will Reply you with jf17 .... no more begging for peace talks.. long live pak army

  • Asmatullah Khan

    Asmatullah Khan

     6 months ago

    We are proud of you and also on my self as WAZIRISTANI

  • King Khan

    King Khan

     8 months ago

    Masha Allah
    Imran Khan sir
    Apne bohhhhhht accccchhhi speach di hai..
    App zrur mulk ko aage lekr jayein...
    Dono mulkon me aman chahte hain hm log...
    Bila vjah ka tashaddud nhi chahiye.
    Koi masum Bhala q mre...
    Hrrr jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan qimti hai...
    Aatankvad k khilaff apko karwai krni chahiye....blke hm to sbhi mulkon me aman chahte hain alhmdulilah...
    Allah Tala hrr jgah amno salamti qaim rkhe Aameeeeeen summa Aameeeeeen

  • Amer Khan

    Amer Khan

     9 months ago

    love 💗 u imran khan my pm

  • Ali Khan

    Ali Khan

     9 months ago

    Great man. Great answers. Most people think you can fight radical Islam by sheer force. This man understands the problem and knows how to resolve these issues. Pakistan is blessed to have him as PM.

  • FJ Boss

    FJ Boss

     9 months ago

    The Anchor was spitting Venom and Not Talking about Indian Atrocities in Kashmir. India will have to give freedom to Kashmir otherwise they will face the Freedom Fighters

  • Nomaan Danishi

    Nomaan Danishi

     9 months ago

    love u imraan khan ☺️

  • Sami Ullah

    Sami Ullah

     9 months ago

    Great leader

  • afia manik

    afia manik

     9 months ago

    Imran khan u r zabardast i lv u and we lv u



     9 months ago

    The leader

  • Mahjabeen Malik

    Mahjabeen Malik

     9 months ago

    clean concious.......and brave interviewer ,,,bravo to India for creating brave and honest journalists.

  • Abdul King

    Abdul King

     9 months ago +1

    Anchor is very stupid person

  • Blue Aki

    Blue Aki

     9 months ago

    Look at this leader so good and then we have Modi here corrupt, killed our soldiers and made corrupt deals with Ambanis a guju to guju corrupt dealing.

  • Status Writes

    Status Writes

     9 months ago

    Wow ap ne proof kr diya 7 saal pehle jo baat ki te aj wo such pora kr diya

  • multani kingz

    multani kingz

     9 months ago

    1..Hamdulillah pak jeeta geya hay deshati gardi sy?
    2.imran khan pm ban gayr
    3.india ko bola ao mil ky kam karty han?
    Imran khan ny sab kuch kiya par apky pm sahab ny jo reaction diya tooo? Phr ap sab janty han sooo?
    Pak mein terrorist nhi han ab 2016 sy hamdulillah😍
    Pak army

  • FAwYam


     9 months ago

    Pakistan has been successful in creating nuclear weapons, but try to make Pakistan more likely to try Quantum Physics or Time Traveler> Invent Like (StarWAR)} Only then will we want Pakistan to have large power in the world.

  • Choudry Ali

    Choudry Ali

     9 months ago

    I can say this indin media ka anchor kuthay ka bucha I am right. Imran Khan is our John ha Pakistan key shan ha or ab our primminstr ha khuda tumara negayban ray imran Khan.