Dog Keeps Losing Weight Despite Eating | Animal in Crisis EP5

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • *Please hit the CC button for English subtitles*

    Environments have a big impact on dogs


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  • Howling • Jack

    Howling • Jack

     6 hours ago

    can someone tell me what the song is at 0:00 ?

  • Kimberly Maule Cadena

    Kimberly Maule Cadena

     12 hours ago


  • Angelina Hingano

    Angelina Hingano

     15 hours ago

    Awww I feel it was definitely separation anxiety from the owner!!

  • kookie마리아나




  • Cat Diaz

    Cat Diaz

     2 days ago

    Who owns the other dogs that were tied up

  • Rebecca Hubbell

    Rebecca Hubbell

     3 days ago

    I was in the hospital for a few days when I had my son and my spouse said each time he came home after visiting at the hospital she would check to see where I was then would curl up at my side of the bed and whimper, she had the runs and was extremely anxious. The day I came home she stuck to my side and wouldn’t leave.

  • danielle meles

    danielle meles

     4 days ago

    Thaïs ils inrcredible, I'm si happy that hé ils Nice nos.

  • manzanita García

    manzanita García

     4 days ago

    El que no lo alimentaba era la señora mala la señora no le creo eso que dice que si le da de comer y que mas adelgaza mentira

  • Aldi Aldi

    Aldi Aldi

     4 days ago

    Tindakan sing apik kui Yo lanjutke.

  • vasyarams


     4 days ago

    Бабка стопудово не кормила пса

  • Curly Hair Don’t care

    Curly Hair Don’t care

     4 days ago

    The madam was doing her best it wasn’t her fault :”(

  • Thiaguu419


     6 days ago


  • Crystal Sanders

    Crystal Sanders

     6 days ago

    Is that tuna? No wonder he is losing weight.. you do not feed dogs fish.

  • aylin korkmaz

    aylin korkmaz

     6 days ago

    11:27 Mal sahibi? eşyamı lan o ?????

  • Jacqueline Chiu

    Jacqueline Chiu

     7 days ago

    The dog has deep love to his master.

  • LLaLa Ladybug

    LLaLa Ladybug

     7 days ago

    even not in directly..
    So the animal Rescue can Keep Helping the Animal out there who need a helps..


  • Марина Коноплева

    Марина Коноплева

     7 days ago

    Хозяева бл..ть, ждали какаго то хрена столько времени, пока пес не умрет или что ? Чего они ждали не прнятно 😡 Это не за одну и не две недели молодая собака стала похоже на не понятно что !!! Позор !

  • Dernieres Editions

    Dernieres Editions

     7 days ago

    You need a better veterinary, he needs a blood test and check for heart worms, or HIV

  • joyce lobo

    joyce lobo

     7 days ago

    Vcs são demais

  • Yudis Triarso

    Yudis Triarso

     7 days ago

    So sad..