Dog Keeps Losing Weight Despite Eating | Animal in Crisis EP5

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • *Please hit the CC button for English subtitles*

    Environments have a big impact on dogs


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  • aommy daytoy

    aommy daytoy

     2 hours ago


  • jet jose

    jet jose

     9 hours ago

    That make me cry so hard I hope he's or she's ok for now 💔

  • DD TV

    DD TV


    Thank you angels.

  • Rachel gardner

    Rachel gardner


    I cried if he keeps getting spinner he may die.... cause he will only see b9nes.....I😢😭💔

  • Eva maria farao sanvicens

    Eva maria farao sanvicens

     yesterday +1

    Pobrecito..lo dejan hay solo porque no lo llevan con ellos donde duermen
    Es muy triste eso es abandono aumque lo alimentan y se van y se queda solito..
    Eso no es hacerse cargo d un perrito..
    Meda tanta pena se siente solo..
    No me gusto

  • XxxNightWolfxxX & Wolf_Guardian71

    XxxNightWolfxxX & Wolf_Guardian71


    The dog probably like- “Why u touching me butt?” 😂😂😂

  • Regina Valiulina

    Regina Valiulina


    Как можно кормить породистую собаку какой-то лапшой, бобами??? Чем попало и все подряд. Что За ужас. Макароны это пустая еда в которой ноль витаминов и полезных веществ... И вот хозяин говорит я стал давать ему корм! Аллилуйя! В корме полно витаминов и остальных полезных веществ способствующих росту мышечной массы и хорошего состояния животного... Зачем заводить такую собаку если не знаешь как ухаживать за ней, и дело тут не в переездах...

  • Leandro Oli

    Leandro Oli

     2 days ago

    Beautiful doberman.

  • saturn *:・゚

    saturn *:・゚

     2 days ago

    I felt so sad when the lady said it was her fault for not taking care of him and yet she cooked huge special meals for him three times a day and visited many vets to figure out what was wrong with him, not to mention to keep him warm she even set up a fan in front of his bed, she clearly loved him very much and was worried for him ): 💖 It was clear that Seunggi just missed his owner and despite eating so much he wasn't absorbing any of the nutrients cause of being mentally distressed, I'm glad the original owner decided to take him back to his house, he seemed so much happier and comfortable around him, and he definitely gained a lot of weight hehe

  • Arwa


     2 days ago

    I need name if this sad music ?
    It always make me cry

  • Kim Sakura

    Kim Sakura

     3 days ago

    Мы когда родным мою кошку отдавали на 2 недели я вернулась кошку мы забрали она такая худая была хотя тётя её кормила кормом от 5 тыщ щас она набрала вес обратно))

  • Glenda Mota

    Glenda Mota

     3 days ago

    O cachorro estava deprimido ao meu ver, pois ele tinha o filho da senhora como seu dono e tornou-se q ser feliz qnd retornou para sua antiga casa.. graças à Deus terminou td bem 🙏🙏🙏 💞💞💞

  • TuxyKat 1111

    TuxyKat 1111

     4 days ago

    Mom did her best, the doberman was insecure and put his security in her son. Animals love, and really need a routine. Very, very important. Even more so with this dog. I have a cat now, (well, I always have 1-2 cats , usually 2) and she's confident, very loving, smart, and adaptable, but....she needs routine. Kritter Klub, thank you for this interesting story. Looks like he'll be fine now, maybe miss mom. Animals HAVE FEELINGS LIKE US!!!!! Too many people don't get that. Then some people go too far thinking animals have certain thoughts and attitudes. That's not good. Pet owners need to have a healthy understanding of their pet. And they are all different. And for anyone who has adopted a dog/cat/rabbit/bird, etc from a shelter, and it doesn't quite fit your dream, PLEASE give it more time, and be patient, and try and alter your expectations. The emotional pain that it causes to go back to a kennel is devastating and would make the animal less adoptable. They are not a dress you've decided isn't right for an occasion. They have feelings just like us. And it's worse for them. We have vocabulary, and a brain that can think things through. Animals can't do that. The strong emotion that upsets them...stays. They can't make sense of it. I once saw a cat on the noon news show where they show animals for adoption. I always adopt black cats - my car plate says BLKAT. They mentioned he was adopted and brought back. He seemed so nice. Poor guy. I had 2 cats at the time, and that was my limit. But for this cat I was going to make an exception. I got there, and he was there. Sadly it said on his cage that he had to have a home with no other cats. I guess a " Tom". I know about them. So.. that was that. I wanted to give that guy a 4/ ever home, knowing how badly he needed it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be and I prayed he found a great home soon. Sorry, I'm way off the video...sort of. Happy ending story. Yea!!

  • 湯媚媚


     5 days ago


  • Bruna da Silva

    Bruna da Silva

     5 days ago +1

    Que história emocionante!

  • Олег Волков

    Олег Волков

     5 days ago

    Какой кошмар... А некоторые ведь просто выбрасывают...

  • Brandy Williams

    Brandy Williams

     5 days ago +1

    I'm so sad 😭.But I'm so glad that they are rescuing animals.😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Zizi Bergamaschi

    Zizi Bergamaschi

     6 days ago

    Subtitles in english or spanish, please!!!!! I love this chanel but I can't understand!!!!

  • Elisa Mayer

    Elisa Mayer

     6 days ago +1

    Look how HAPPY he is now that he’s HOME 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Elisa Mayer

    Elisa Mayer

     6 days ago

    The son needs to take him back home. Dogs have emotions just like people do.