Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit Explained | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • The queen calls an emergency family meeting following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal duties, and Trevor looks at the racially charged headlines that have been targeted at Meghan. #TheDailyShow

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vpD0k9oebI4


  • E S

    E S

     an hour ago

    She’s rich from Suits, he’s rich from Diana inheritance. Leave them alone

  • E S

    E S

     an hour ago

    Diana has her thumbs up!

  • Orion Star

    Orion Star

     an hour ago

    MERCHANT MARKLE only cares about making money...she is using PLAIN HARRY AND THE ROYAL CONNECTIONS to make bucket loads...COME ON PEOPLE..nobody chased her, she invented all that to attract attention to herself...ACTUALLY...IF THEY BOTH HAD NO RELATION TO THE ROYAL FAMILY.....NOBODY WILL GIVE ANY OF THEM 5 MIN OF THEIR TIME..lets be honest WHO CARES ABUT WHAT PLAIN HARRY AND HIS OLD LADY HAVE TO SAY??? NOBODY...she is not Diana, she will never will...SHE IS NOT EVEN AT KATE'S level...and Harry...poor Harry...he was pitted and love...but he is not William.

  • Orion Star

    Orion Star

     an hour ago

    TREVOR they are not like the Kardashians....don't do that...is does not look good on you...it only shows that either you are IGNORANT or a complete IDIOT....read history, help people understand. Don't show your self to be an uninformed imbecile.

  • meli d

    meli d

     an hour ago

    I love how colored people like to talk about white people all the time. So racist. Turn that shit around and all of a sudden everybody’s a KKK member

  • wtrbb


     3 hours ago


  • Sayan


     4 hours ago

    W h i t e || s u p r e m a c y surreptitiously normalizing racist disparagement humor under the veneer of a made up self serving Grammys Award show. When called out claims plausible deniability. War is waged via deception. ☠️

  • Mumtaz Shaikh

    Mumtaz Shaikh

     5 hours ago


  • Iris Wilson

    Iris Wilson

     6 hours ago

    When you sweep things under the rug and pretend it does not exist, it’s still there and it only festers. When it explodes it’s really bad. It seems we are in a time when people are being EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE AS A PERSON. Look at the past few years in the people that have been exposed😱

  • A W

    A W

     7 hours ago

    1. “Walk away without all the royal cash” ?! Mind you, they still get to retain 95%of their allowance from Charles (according to BBC source)! They only stop getting that 5% sovereign fund for acting royal duty and 2,4 m for renovation (not even half of their year allowance)...in exchange of taking all those commercial deals as mentioned in the video and loosing all the royal obligations and duties ...it’s hardly a “walk away”. More like made themselves an extremely good bargain.

    2. A lot for comments comparing Meghan with Diana and Harry doesn’t want what happened to his mum to Meghan. But Diana got into that fatal accident 1 year AFTER her divorce finalized and hence lost her royal privilege (therefore paparazzi can do whatever they want without following royal Protocols)...so logically , I don’t think that makes any sense...

    3. Some Brits and British media are racists. So instead of fighting against racism for a good cause, the couple decide to walk away and take away the money and part time title (although for the part time royal thing—yea that’s truly what they said in the original announcement —the Queen said no. You can’t have your cake, let other people pay for it, and eat it too...at least can’t have the cake, we ll still pay for it and you can still eat it...). What charity and good cause and sense of duty is that? More like a move for that Disney fairytale money and American kardashian fame

  • Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

    Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

     7 hours ago

    This couple backed away because of the racism that is normal in the British kingdom. Can you blame them .the two highest ranking women in the UK are the most self centered bitches. And within a year .this couple will be millionaire in there own right. The royals are going to learn the fuck up if Diania is going to burn them for generations

  • Gabrielle DiPietro

    Gabrielle DiPietro

     8 hours ago

    Harry is going to be blindsided when she dumps him in Canada !!
    I hope that the royal family will forgive him.
    How many men have been taken by gold diggers because they were in love??
    It's sad.
    She had EVERYTHING and is so greedy and selfish!!
    Harry is young and inexperienced because of his sheltered childhood and the loss of his mom.
    Diana would never have let this happen!!

  • Annie Cuffy

    Annie Cuffy

     8 hours ago


  • king bartholomew

    king bartholomew

     9 hours ago

    showing you who ruled the dark ages the real jews

  • Sana Kamran

    Sana Kamran

     10 hours ago

    They ain't leaving the funds all together! Neither the cottage they live in which is owned by the queen. In fact they want to renovate the place off tax payers' money. So yeah!

  • f Boima

    f Boima

     11 hours ago

    If they moved to the USA' they gonna divorce I bet

  • Tar Abi

    Tar Abi

     14 hours ago

    When can we see the queen die, now that Meghan is out?

  • Tyra Francis

    Tyra Francis

     15 hours ago +1

    Wow ..the British are really racist

  • Julia S

    Julia S

     16 hours ago

    И никого не смутила фраза ведущего, что если белый человек приглашает тебя загород, то ничем хорошим это не закончиться! Я фигею. Это типа он назвал всех белых рабовладелицами!

  • Bryan Pettit

    Bryan Pettit

     17 hours ago

    This is truth woke. Thank you.