MUST WATCH! Xenoverse 2 Gogeta Blue Mod That We all Wanted For DLC Pack 8 SO MUCH BETTER THAN DLC 8!

  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 Gogeta Blue Mod That We all Wanted For DLC Pack 8 SO MUCH BETTER THAN DLC 8 video showcasing this amazing ssgss gogeta mod that it is without doubt better than what we got for dlc pack 8 and just shows how lazy the people at dimps and bandai truly are when it comes to dlc for dragon ball xenoverse 2!


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     7 months ago

    I’m sorry I love the vids but plz stop being so damn loud

  • Vegitodraws 9186

    Vegitodraws 9186

     7 months ago

    The end sphere with all the rainbow colors is the soul punisher, the way he does it in Dragon Ball Super Broly

  • Robocop12349 O

    Robocop12349 O

     8 months ago

    That was the ultimate I really wanted for gogeta but we didn’t get

  • Stefon ツ

    Stefon ツ

     8 months ago

    I don’t like the hair besides that amazing mof

  • Carlos colon

    Carlos colon

     8 months ago

    I have a Boner

  • Jonathan Jimenez

    Jonathan Jimenez

     8 months ago

    You guys are dumb asf i swear they don't add that maybe because they have limitations of what the actual person who is in charge tells them what and what not to add to the game



     8 months ago

    It annoys me because I wanted him to have his canon puffy big hairstyle from the movie



     8 months ago

    They didn't even give him the right hairstyle for the DLC they just used the not canon gogeta hair and slapped it on cause dimps is lazy

  • Michael Stuart

    Michael Stuart

     8 months ago

    You should of went into training mode so the ai dont spam ki blasts 😑

  • Double g dokkaner

    Double g dokkaner

     9 months ago

    Let’s get some likes to get cabby a new controller

  • Alejandro Delapeña

    Alejandro Delapeña

     9 months ago

    Bandi getting lazy

  • TheOfficialZeldaMaster


     9 months ago

    They did cheap looking effects and the animation's look stiff. And if this was truly cool he would have custom combos. They are still using dimps combos.

  • Twins Anderson

    Twins Anderson

     10 months ago

    The last key spear was called the Stardust breaker

  • Slim Arcane Z

    Slim Arcane Z

     10 months ago

    I Want These Mods But IDK How To Get Them 0n My PS4! Ca Someone Please Help Me

  • Ceejay Mamangun

    Ceejay Mamangun

     10 months ago

    Dlc is more better it looks more clean.

  • savage_slayer


     11 months ago

    u dumd

  • MJ Projects

    MJ Projects

     11 months ago

    That shit was clean....👌🏽🔥

  • Ablaze Dawn

    Ablaze Dawn

     11 months ago +1

    I also wanted something like this for our CAC’s like going from regular ssj forms to blue, but we know Bandai wouldn’t do anything like this because they are lazy as HELL

  • the grim reaper

    the grim reaper

     11 months ago

    In xenoverse 2 they should have gave gogeta this move the one at the end

  • Stank dog

    Stank dog

     11 months ago

    I have a boner