Chinese consulate attack and Pak-China relations

  • Published on:  Sunday, November 25, 2018
  • - Chinese consulate attack and Pak-China relations.
    - A failed attempt to create diplomatic divide, insecurity, and mistrust between Pakistan and China.

    Host: Parisey Tariq
    Guest: Mian Abrar Hussain (Journalist)

    DBTV Exclusive - EP25 - 25 November 2018
    Pakistan's First Internet Channel
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  • rational Dude

    rational Dude

     a years ago

    ISI jihadi militants are now attacking China , revenge for how China is successfully eliminating islam from Xinjiang province



     a years ago

    RAW, NDS , CIA Why this man has not blamed also MI5, FBI and Intelligence agencies of all the other countries. This is unfair they will feel bad being left out.

  • Rajasekharan pillai

    Rajasekharan pillai

     a years ago

    China doesn't mind even if their embassy is bombed as far as their interest in Pakistan is not compromised. Since they are going to colonise Pakistan such things do happen. If you look at the other way you want to please the Chinese by showing them that we are very alert and we will not allow anyone to harm Chinese in Pakistan. Or if it is by BLF then it is the result of the atrocities Pakistan is committing on Baluchi's. Nor India , nor Afghanistan , nor CIA is involved in all these. One more scenario is both China and Pakistan are involved in this. India has excellent relation with China. From the volume of trade between both will tell that. All indication are this was orchestrated in Pakistan to get sympathy to show the world that we are victims and help us financially.

  • Kanwar Puri

    Kanwar Puri

     a years ago

    Pakistan has no choice but to support China because it has no other friend left but, Pakistan has not learned from Tibet,Sri Lanka, khajakistan, Nepal, Maldives and many African countries that China has its own agenda and they will achieve by hook or crook. Chinese will support Pakistan by words but they will do what they want to do. This thinking is beyond Pakistanis to understand. Pakistanis will only realise when they are treated like peasants in their own country but by then, it will be too late. There is not one person in Pakistan who has done feasibility study on CPEC. Even for a small company, it is must to do such study to foresee the success or failure of the enterprise.

  • Satling Waghmare

    Satling Waghmare

     a years ago

    Gist is Chinese are happy.

  • A.K Ratawal

    A.K Ratawal

     a years ago

    The anchor is looking gorgeous. I didn't know that Pakistan has some beauties also other than Terrorists.

  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler

     a years ago

    Suru me laga english may news hai baad me pata chala ki utna hi unhe english aata hai

  • ganesan sridhar

    ganesan sridhar

     a years ago +1

    Stupid Pakistanis thinking whole world is blind? Terrorist in Indian Kashmir are called by Pakistan freedom fighter but in Baluchistan? Dangerous terrorist? China may runaway from cpec

  • Alok Sachthey

    Alok Sachthey

     a years ago

    Parisey Tariq, you lady are a breath of fresh air.I couldn't believe my ears when your introduction was in English. Also I was
    surprised when a pleasant,pretty face showed itself on the screen.Then slowly a slight disappointment set in when you moved to Urdu .Later you carried on in mixed Urdu English.
    Anyhow,I hope that your channel becomes a wholly English channel & you are anchoring it. That would be ever so nice ! All the best Parisey !!

  • Varun Kumar

    Varun Kumar

     a years ago +4

    Ek baat hai .. anchor bahut maal hai...

  • Raj singh Mathur

    Raj singh Mathur

     a years ago

    apni hi janta ko kyun chutiya bana rahe ho pakistan mein barsat bhi ho to india ne karwayi

  • Raj singh Mathur

    Raj singh Mathur

     a years ago

    kitne bekuf hai keha rahe hai chinise khus hai attack se

  • Gulab Maurya

    Gulab Maurya

     a years ago +1

    Thank God no one died in the attack.

  • S. S Roy

    S. S Roy

     a years ago +6

    Pakistan is going to colony of China. China is a over populated country & need a space in Pakistan for Chinese people. BLA will again start strangle for their right. Stop blame to India, Afghanistan and Iran.