Tournament of Power Stage CONFIRMED For DLC 8! - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Published on:  Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Tournament of Power Stage has been Confirmed for DLC PACK 8! Coming out this Winter. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching!
    Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

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  • Alexis Masekela

    Alexis Masekela

     a years ago


  • josh the last

    josh the last

     a years ago +1

    It probably will be for the 5v1 raid boss mode only

  • Unknown Person

    Unknown Person

     a years ago

    When update new dlc, will over 400 mods installed by X2M installer get die (because the old version X2M installer don't work in the new DLC 8) and I have to install all over again?

  • GermanKnight


     a years ago


  • EpicPizzaFort


     a years ago

    i wish they made if you do more damage to the stage it will become more dystroyed ya know

  • theflashgam 123

    theflashgam 123

     a years ago

    They did kinda fly in T.O.P well super jump for a long time

  • Jaiheem Santiago

    Jaiheem Santiago

     a years ago

    Better come to ps4

  • suraj Ghosh

    suraj Ghosh

     a years ago +1

    I want Dragonball Xenoverse 3 with these new things and including DB,DBZ,DBGT,DBS & ALL-MOVIES

  • Nova Kazuki

    Nova Kazuki

     a years ago

    I'm saving my birthday money for it

  • Dicaru 007

    Dicaru 007

     a years ago

    Sadly no battle royal mode for a big ass stage such as this......okay.....I'm getting my money back

  • Dicaru 007

    Dicaru 007

     a years ago flying -- toriyama and grand priest

  • Randier singh

    Randier singh

     a years ago

    Is this for the free update

  • preachaman preach

    preachaman preach

     a years ago

    Nani what mall

  • José A, D,

    José A, D,

     a years ago

    I hope the tournament of power stage do you get to not fly

  • charmander the pro. exe

    charmander the pro. exe

     a years ago

    Can you do duo ultimate vs two ultimate pls

  • Smoothy


     a years ago


  • Nikux HD

    Nikux HD

     a years ago

    Will there finally be a HIT COSTUME?

  • Space Unicorn

    Space Unicorn

     a years ago

    So when r we getting that Dual super Attacks video

  • Bafflingbird 18

    Bafflingbird 18

     a years ago


  • G.O.C_Khairy 657

    G.O.C_Khairy 657

     a years ago

    Hey Rikudoufox...I want to ask you something..Can you do Mui goku vs jiren just like at dragon ball super?Hope you can...😊Btw I'm enjoy your video...