Cricket | The differences between Australia and India

  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • Gideon Haigh and Peter Lalor join Mel McLaughlin and Trent Copeland to talk about the differences between India's and Australia's first-class setup.
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  • Soul Chealla

    Soul Chealla

     6 hours ago

    @10.19 lowest Top 8 Indian batsmen average is 46.65 And Highest Australian top 8 batsmen average is 43.73, thats says a lot.

  • Jerome Buck

    Jerome Buck

     3 days ago

    Channel 7 are the worst broadcasters in cricket ever. The commentators are pathetic and all they give a shit about is rating Channel 7 should be sacked

  • Jassy Rahal

    Jassy Rahal

     6 days ago

    good points.

  • ram s

    ram s

     7 days ago

    District wise big league should come like IPL, Due to our population and Kabbadi is the nxt big thing to promote and national sport hockey too



     7 days ago +1

    He said sikh instead of six hahaha

  • Mukul Verma

    Mukul Verma

     7 days ago

    We don't use Sandpapers

  • Deepak Rawat

    Deepak Rawat

     7 days ago

    Australia also have good cricketing system

  • Ramu Gupta

    Ramu Gupta

     14 days ago

    Even they know how good sreyash iyer at that time but in India bcz of politics he waited but now he is in team

  • Amit Vikram Sundar

    Amit Vikram Sundar

     14 days ago

    Look at where Labushagne is now. First class averages do not matter. They just don't. Your character and determination do. Anyone can average 50+ on flat batting tracks with medium pacers. When the pace increases and the pitches get greener your patience and ability to fight out difficult periods matter much greatly than just numbers.

  • My Digital Teacher

    My Digital Teacher

     14 days ago +1

    Indian Cri'ters one of the highest paid player in the world..2 players already feature in Top10 paid atheletes Globally...and needless to say it's very very tough to get in the International lots of cricket and freakishly good at cricket 😢

  • Maple Maples

    Maple Maples

     14 days ago

    Nice assets

  • Nitin Singh

    Nitin Singh

     14 days ago

    We've got our act together in Cricket, time to make that happen in Football

  • Mohammad Zamin

    Mohammad Zamin

     14 days ago

    This was the weakest Aussie team in a long long time. India's timing was great.

  • Sajad M

    Sajad M

     14 days ago +1

    the average of indian players made me chuckle.

  • ikeshwar88


     14 days ago

    To the Indians stereotyping Australian cricketers as "always having won using cheating & sandpapers", please remember that its as racist as generalizing Indians as "scammers & corruption/bribery people". Both are wrong, so don't be hateful.

  • rocky primes

    rocky primes

     14 days ago

    If india made 3 teams of 11 players then australia will lose with all 3...remember pathans rainas rydus yuvi can still play

  • deviLZ nik

    deviLZ nik

     14 days ago +1

    If India gets its act together then it ll be unbeatable not only in cricket but in many more aspects.

  • Arjun K

    Arjun K

     21 days ago

    There was lot of politics in Indian cricket with respect to selection. But that changes in early 2000 and also we have IPL, ranji trophy, india-A team playing international matches and India-red, blue teams. So basically to get a berth in national team you have to do well in one of the series and then you need luck. India have now enough players to fill 3 international teams .

  • Sidhwartha Mukherjee

    Sidhwartha Mukherjee

     21 days ago

    She is hot

  • Sunny 1111

    Sunny 1111

     21 days ago +4

    Their no.8 has not one but 3 triple centuries😲😲