NEW TRANSFORMATIONS! 30+ CaC Transformation/Awakening Skills | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods

  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
  • A Compilation of all of Kari's Transformations I've used & made so far & a little preview of our up coming mod.

    Super Saiyan (All) - Created by LazyBone

    Kaioken - In Game Skill

    Super Kaioken - Created by Lazybone

    Time Breaker - Modded In Game Skill

    Great Saiyan - Created by Lazybone

    Potential Unleashed - In Game Skill

    Pure Progress - Created by Seiki

    Babidi's Mind Control - Created by InbetweenGamer & Seiki

    Super Saiyan Rage - Created by Lazybone

    Divine Potential - Created by Lazybone

    Mastered Super Saiyan Blue - Created by Seiki & InbetweenGamer

    Super Saiyan Blue Evolution - Created by Lazybone

    Super Saiyan Rose (Kaioken) - Created by Lazybone

    True Majin Form - Created By InbetweenGamer & Seiki

    Legendary Super Saiyan (Controlled) - Created by Seiki & InbetweenGamer

    Super Saiyan 4 (Ultra Instinct) - Created by InbetweenGamer & Seiki

    Tuffle Parasite - Created By Seiki, Alf & InbetweenGamer

    Music Used:
    ► Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Dark Impetus

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  • InbetweenGamer


     a years ago +813

    Yes Ultra instinct isn't a Super Saiyan Exclusive skill. The Super Saiyan (ALL) skill is basically all of Goku's Transformations & includes Ultra Instinct Sign & Mastered. I Just showcased the One skill instead of them separately.

  • Dilson Almeida

    Dilson Almeida

     an hour ago

    I tried downloading those mods, and when i transform im getting a different hair style, also is there any chance you could provide the links for the Legendary SS(Controled)?

  • khajiit J'Kika

    khajiit J'Kika


    hello, very good mod ! ^^ but, i want change the hair when i'm on super saiyan, but i dont know where i need to go for this ^^7 someone can help me ?

  • Ramiro Garay

    Ramiro Garay

     3 days ago

    what about that hair

  • 2005Mateusz


     3 days ago

    Is outfit exclusive to your cac?

  • Trevor Burke

    Trevor Burke

     5 days ago

    Okay, these are cool and all, but what are the actual statistical alterations to your character for them? How does each transformation interact with the different play styles? What is the drain or limitation on them? The mod pages just list what boosts are included but doesn't tell you what they actually do.

  • Ty Gailard

    Ty Gailard

     5 days ago

    Can you install this on xbox one

  • MwinD


     7 days ago

    I'm so curious! Do any of you viewers know how he changed the base form hair to super saiyan hair??? Like, how to edit it and use it in the game?

  • Shadowsonic Jw

    Shadowsonic Jw

     7 days ago

    how do you have red hair for your SSJ4 form i need help

  • sandy zach

    sandy zach

     7 days ago

    Can anyone tell me how to put tail on cac?

  • Hansie Silver

    Hansie Silver

     7 days ago

    Can you use all transformations in 1 battle?

  • The Gaming Knight

    The Gaming Knight

     14 days ago

    So I'm guessing the developers are watching this video to know what they were missing for their lack of imagination

  • Xenokal


     14 days ago

    Kari, The Ultimate Mary Sue lol jk love your stuff.

  • João Fernando

    João Fernando

     14 days ago

    How i unlock that form ?

  • Epic Music Videos

    Epic Music Videos

     14 days ago

    How Can you have red hair in ssj 4?

  • Tom Zampiga

    Tom Zampiga

     14 days ago

    This sis awesome, the only thing I don't like about xenoverse transformations is how the ki aura is so transparent and barely visible, and also how for super Saiyan your hair doesn't go spiky and upward, also the lack of them, like all of these are beyond epic and I would do anything to be able to use them but they aren't in the game and the only thing close to them is SSBE, but I don't want to use it because people consider it cheap and op

    If only there were more transformations, there better be in Xenoverse 3

  • SuperSayian Hawke

    SuperSayian Hawke

     14 days ago

    for lazybones transformation mod are all in shop from the begining or are they there at a certin lvl? im lvl 2 and they not there but some skills are just not transformation skills

  • Omnipotent Otter

    Omnipotent Otter

     14 days ago

    Are the pants a mod

  • Chrisfrom954


     14 days ago

    The fact that these weren’t implemented into the actual game is just sad, it’s like they tell themselves “we can’t make the game too cool people might like it even more”

    Like at least a moving saiyan tail, changing super saiyan hair!! was that not something they thought should just be automatically in the game?

  • Bardock Malvado

    Bardock Malvado

     14 days ago

    all that is from Goku is just an invitation but nobody is better than Goku