DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 - Extra Pack 3 Launch Trailer | PS4, X1, PC, Switch

  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • It's finally here! Extra Pack 3 gives you two new characters to play with in Xenoverse 2 and a host of other features. Download Extra Pack 3 from PSN, XBLA, eShop or Steam on August 28th!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/sYSeKCH09eY


  • maherlandia 2009

    maherlandia 2009

     14 days ago

    Towa it sexi sexi

  • Rayhan Naufal

    Rayhan Naufal

     21 days ago

    Should i pick extra pack 3 or 4

  • elijah lance

    elijah lance

     21 days ago

    Can bandai namco help me how to gain access to add ons

  • Dusean


     3 months ago

    Tingly my back. Tingly into Super Saiyans because fk you we are BS characters.

  • Trainer Red

    Trainer Red

     4 months ago

    Where is my animated Saiyan tail 😡

  • jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira

    jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira

     5 months ago

    True rating of game: TV-PG:(V) (L) for ages 7 and up or more.

  • Rokage1


     6 months ago

    So do you get the game with that pack?

  • Hari Pratomo

    Hari Pratomo

     7 months ago +1

    Bagus tapi nama game aslinya apa

  • Mc - Prime

    Mc - Prime

     8 months ago

    Can you make the solidiers more stronger so we can play them more easily pls?

  • Kew 8000

    Kew 8000

     8 months ago

    Just fix the dam game

  • Domino TV

    Domino TV

     10 months ago

    The arrival of XV2 Lite makes this much better

  • ultragodzillafan


     10 months ago

    You know what I think, Bandai Nampo should have a game exclusive fusion. Think about this for a moment, for the first time ever we have Evil doubles of Goku and Vegeta in the same game, Goku Black and Baby Vegeta. Now, picture this: Baby Vegito Black. Am I the only one who thinks that would be amazing? This game provides us with the perfect opportunity to have a fusion such as that exist. Someone please draw this to Bandai Namco’s attention!!!

  • Zheen 19

    Zheen 19

     11 months ago

    I dont dowload in ps4

  • MrTtofas


     a years ago

    If i buy the extra pass i gone get the dlc pack 4 and extra pack 3? Plss help

  • ElGocho Mocho

    ElGocho Mocho

     a years ago


  • Herlina Kartikawati

    Herlina Kartikawati

     a years ago

    Guys,.need your help please i already buy this DLC pack 3,but still i'm confusing how to use this pack??..in the menu serem there is ADD ON menu,but i cant acces into it

  • chemykl


     a years ago

    Yoga Pantsuuuuu

  • David Coronel

    David Coronel

     a years ago

    1:34 nosabia que xenoverse tambien nos entiende aunque no me gusta towa si es bonta y todo pero no le veo buenas habilidades

  • GreenPunch Games

    GreenPunch Games

     a years ago

    I just fucking bought the season pass but no kefla then i bought extra pack set STILL NO KEFLA THANKS NOW MY CHRISTMAS MONEY IS WASTED

  • TheSpawnfan


     a years ago

    still can't transform our sayian chars into SSJ 4 huh?