#5 Ultra Instinct Reborn ( DBZ: The Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn ) -DBXV2

  • Published on:  Monday, April 30, 2018
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    DBZ: The Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn

    #5 Ultra Instinct Reborn

    -Broly attacks replacer sounds and effects: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/brolys-attack-replacer-sounds-and-effects/

    -Broly Supernova: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/amazing-ultimates-skill-reworks-requests-2-by-navden-look-screenshots/

    -Mystic Gohan: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/mystic-gohan-mystic-super-saiyan-1-2-3-transformation-x2m-added-skill/

    -Great Ape Broly: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/great-ape-pack/

    -Broly LSS3: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/broly-lss-lss3-lss4-lss5/

    -Vegeta Beyon SSB: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/vegeta-beyond-super-saiyan-blue/

    -Goku Ultra Instinct sign: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/goku-ultra-instinct-sign-updated/

    DBS Ultimate Battle Instrumental Cover:
    Thanks to: Boban Trajkovic ^^

    ultra instinct reborn theme
    Original theme by the amazing Norihito Sumitomo ^^
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    Not bad

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    I want my character to become ultra instinct and mastered ultra instinct!

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    Do Goku Black And Evil Vegeta Team Up To Beat Goku And Vegeta

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    Why Piccolo say son

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    Goku shit his ass

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    Fuck Broly

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    Se vc é brasileiro pq não posta em português ?

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    5:21 Kakarott

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    Please make an extra room Broly comes back for his revenge on Goku and Piccolo Krillin Vegeta Goku Goten and Gohan do a family Kamehameha and please do another one when rolly we already told you but just please do another one when he's when Brody unlocks a new form then defeat Goku but somebody else but then you can probably add this as a mod but if it's not it's okay but probably Vegeta might get up and turn Super Saiyan blue please do that for your next video part 6 please I beg you please okay bye

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    The devil vs the Angel

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