Every Super Soul from DLC 8 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Published on:  Sunday, December 23, 2018
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    Intro was created by FusionNeo

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    Dragon Ball Super - Ultimate Battle Remix | Hip Hop/Trap | @Musicalitybeats
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/r7Co-5DQcZ4


  • Maximelyan 32

    Maximelyan 32

     2 months ago

    Holy shit 9:50

  • Captain Ertiar

    Captain Ertiar

     8 months ago

    "The gogeta soul is kind of broken"

    No, no it's not. It's just that roughly 95% of z souls are absolutely worthless so whenever something actually contributes to the game in any slightly noticeable way it suddenly seems broken.
    Don't fall into this trap, please. All souls should be an interesting addition to the game and the S/M/L/XL increases should be roughly twice as high as what they are right now.
    Dimps doesn't care about the quality of the game because to them (and even to Toriyama at this point) we are just walking wallets that open up at the mention of our beloved dragonball franchise.

    I've spent years learning to develop games because as a child, playing the budokai games, I saw what "could be".
    Now that I finally more or less have the skills to create the games I dreamed of, I realize that not only will the licensing rights always go to studios like Dimps (Who don't care about their products nor the franchise.) but also that the show I loved has been deprived of its soul through Toriyama's bad writing ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPwVuC3YOrc ) and his own lack of care for the franchise. (He didn't even remember super saiyan 2 existed. That's not "being forgetful", that's just blatantly not giving a f*ck.)
    The dragonball franchise and its fans did not get what they deserved.
    Instead of feeling like the heroes we grew up watching we instead get treated like shit as games get released where bosses teleport outside of the arena, where there are less gamemodes than in 1995 (Arcade mode please) and where we pay ten bucks for dlc's that contain less and worse content than any random mod-pack you can download for free.
    It's sad but I have given up on my dreams of ever creating a dragonball game and I've instead started working on creating my own fictional universe.
    I know it most likely not be as great as dbz or the big three but I'll sure try my best. Wish me luck guys.

  • sinofsanity


     8 months ago

    A tonne of troll souls...
    beerus one falls asleep and takes little damage, what other point is there but to troll?
    Goku’s targeting soul - you can only fight the guy who tanks damage while his team wipes you out
    Beerus’s ki reduction soul - now you know why your team mate leapt in front of a super kamehameha, the only reason you’d let an ultimate hit you is to troll EVERYONE . Thank shenron it’s only once, apart from the damage it’s all benefit for the troll that gets hit

  • Icecold Gaming

    Icecold Gaming

     9 months ago

    You sound like sonic fox

  • Rock


     a years ago +2

    That audio in the intro..

  • Sammy0071993


     a years ago

    Draaaaaaged video

  • TheLaughingKnight


     a years ago

    I have a preset on my main character which has the super soul "This is no time to mess around..."
    On that preset I have the transformation Super Vegeta, and the Ultimate Attack Revenge Deathball.
    It's mainly used for Raids and Expert Missions, and on rare occasions it's used for people.
    Such as Spammers, and when it activates.
    I'm able to throw at least four Revenge Deathballs without my Ki depleting.

  • justa moon

    justa moon

     a years ago

    The song after the intro is the song I wanted to know

  • FK_U_IM_GANDALF Official

    FK_U_IM_GANDALF Official

     a years ago

    The activation time for I've waited an unbelievable long time for this is 2:30...... So the fk lol

  • Jociaoftrades


     a years ago

    If you want, on the PS4 gamefaqs there is a Super soul guide pinned. I can give you access to it if not I’ll use your video to update everything. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Hank Simmins

    Hank Simmins

     a years ago

    Ice damage doesn't do any damage to you it just freezes you in the beginning giving your opponent a brief window to atk you

  • acetraker1988


     a years ago +1

    11:07 A purpose build for human females....,p sure male humans have better...for obvious reasons...

  • Shadow Gaming360

    Shadow Gaming360

     a years ago

    Imagine hey you on a male majin

  • Raiden Jeskar

    Raiden Jeskar

     a years ago

    Paragus soul fittingly takes FOR-FUCKING-EVER to activate

  • GOGETA The strongest fusion

    GOGETA The strongest fusion

     a years ago +1

    I be honest 75% of these super souls suck

  • ShadowSaiyan1


     a years ago

    Thanks cor making this! Its nice to see another person's opinion on them and honestly, I would say there its more bad ones than good but Im sure someone out there will find some crazy use for the seemingly bad ones.

  • Taylor Showalter

    Taylor Showalter

     a years ago

    That's not how super Souls work small is 5% medium is 7.5% largest 10% extra large is 15%.

    That's what makes Cobra Super Soul the best Super Soul for strike based Saiyans

    It gives an extra large boost to your basic attacks which is 15% and then it gives a 7.5% boost to everything may like which is basic attack and strike super thereby giving a 22% boost to basic attack and 7.5% boost 2 strike supers and ultimates when combined with Super Saiyan 3 that is a 42% basic attack buff although there is a damage cap to some attacks in certain combos. Depending on the Saiyan combo you will get 38% buff or a 42% buff and you can take it a step further and just run Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan there by buffing your Ki blasts in a massive amount and then the Super Soul still is in effect but again only affects strike but Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan will give you a massive strike bonus better than Super Saiyan 3 because it doesn't have the negative stamina regen downside

    The only thing that happens when the percentages change is when they're not affecting damaged like the Turles Super Soul I actually felt that when you perfect block it increases the amount of stamina you take from your opponent by a certain amount that amount is not a percentage or the Vegeta or Super 17 super Souls that extend the duration your opponent is stamina broken or the new Broly Super Soul or the Rose Super Soul that reduces the amount of time your stamina broken in certain damage reduction super Souls don't follow the normal small medium large and extra-large percentage base. All the damage buff super Souls though follow small meaning 5% medium being 7.5% largest 10% and extra large is 15%. One example which I believe they have changed is Frieza Super Soul where when your stamina broken you take less damage it used to reduce the damage you took by 30% but they nerfed it because combined with do or die or any other defense buff move and it was really hard to kill someone but that was before all the op DLC moves that do 10K plus damage otherwise if used on male majins it massively reduced the downside of them being stamina broken but when they patched certain passives they also patch the Super Soul.

  • I just got TONS of free ROBUX using rblx.gg!

    I just got TONS of free ROBUX using rblx.gg!

     a years ago +11

    Giant Namekian + GAAAGH

  • HelperCake 11

    HelperCake 11

     a years ago

    Finally god

  • SmokeyToke Gaming

    SmokeyToke Gaming

     a years ago

    Only 4 souls out of 15 turned out to be good. If they just had a way to communicate with their fan base then maybe they wouldn’t make such crappy super souls