DBXV2:Vegeta-Vegito-Gohan Custom Transformations[Ultra Instinct-SSBE-SSJ4]

  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Give this video a Like please! This video shows off Custom Transformation Mods for Vegito, Future Gohan, and Vegeta. Specifically, it includes..

    1. Vegito transforming into Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

    2. Future Gohan Transforming into SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3, SSJ4, and then SSJ5.

    3. Vegeta Transforming into Ultra instinct

    The people responsible for these mods include
    1.Drageta and Grav1ty[SSBE Vegito]

    2.Azura95[Future Gohan]

    3. Bojack Temple[Ultra Instinct Vegeta]

    4. Demon Realm Stage[InbetweenGamer]


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/qjx8n2Lpdb0


  • Janemba8000


     a years ago +64

    Usually, people like to do a lot of "ultra instinct" mods, for obvious reasons. While some are okay, others are pretty awesome. In this case, this is imo, one of the best Ultra Instinct Vegeta Mods. Not only does he have a pretty awesome transformation animation, but custom combos+ that pretty awesome skill at the end.

  • MiniAyaa44


     1 months ago

    SSGSS goku fusefl

  • Son Jordan

    Son Jordan

     7 months ago

    That Vegito transformation tho. 👀👀👀

  • Luigi Ceriello

    Luigi Ceriello

     7 months ago


  • SupremeZ Gaming

    SupremeZ Gaming

     10 months ago +1

    Vegeta Ui is Completely Got pride The Voice though Swweeettt lol...

    Sub and like for that one
    Or i should say all of them XD.

  • Gacha life Dude

    Gacha life Dude

     10 months ago

    No trunks k I see you

  • Juan Manuel Cantos

    Juan Manuel Cantos

     11 months ago

    No idea think in a better name dude 2:11

  • B0osey Mo0sey

    B0osey Mo0sey

     a years ago

    SS5 is dumb don't @ me

  • Devin Person

    Devin Person

     a years ago

    I'll never get why people would think its cool for characters to have the same forms as another.

  • Magallanes 365132

    Magallanes 365132

     a years ago +1

    hello speak spanish, pasalo a mediafire

  • Timothy Daniel

    Timothy Daniel

     a years ago

    1:49 2:03 these ui echoes sounds very good

  • Iosif Gamer54

    Iosif Gamer54

     a years ago

    Hey future gohan no hand

  • Pablopez5


     a years ago

    1:49 now thats a lot of damage

  • Gurjeet Pearl

    Gurjeet Pearl

     a years ago

    Were is future gohan right arm

  • Ultiffo


     a years ago

    Scares me when ui vegeta says galick gun



     a years ago

    UI Vegeta voice is just echoey

  • TheShinyShark


     a years ago

    Vegeta’s ultimate which doesn’t have a name should be call True Saiyan Display

  • joshuacolom10


     a years ago

    Call the skill on Y ultra flash

  • MIcKiLl86


     a years ago

    What is your favourite mod in the game

  • cenker sezer

    cenker sezer

     a years ago +2

    0:32 Ultra İnstinct Blue Vegito:)