Beerus: The Problem Character | The Anatomy of Anime

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • Lord Beerus the Destroyer is one of the most recognizable characters introduced to modern Dragon Ball. This week we add a chapter to the anatomy of anime extensively covering the role Beerus fills within the Dragon Ball world. Is he a good character? Or is he another reason for people to dislike Super?

    Odds are it's much more nuanced than that! Let's dive in!





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  • Totally Not Mark

    Totally Not Mark

     21 days ago +536

    Don't forget to leave a like or dislike!

    What do you think? Does Beerus serve Dragon Ball Super well?

  • MissAshley42


     5 hours ago

    Given the longevity of Dragon Ball and its current tryhard tendencies, I'm totally down with a character whose biggest trait is just being so over it.

  • NoSauceOrBroth Child

    NoSauceOrBroth Child

     6 hours ago

    Beerus is butt

  • Sharingan1230


     9 hours ago

    Beerus in movie versions he never gets expressions and stuff like ever, but in Super version he always gets funny faces and big eyes alot

    thats another problem on about Beerus for me

  • seth kelley

    seth kelley


    i want to see him used.
    i believe vegetABLE will find out freeza desroyed the sayians plant due beerus.
    vegta is training. so .. vegeta vas beerys would be nice

  • AR Pran Mendoza

    AR Pran Mendoza

     2 days ago +1

    Your analysis of this character gives me shivers.

    You see the trait of a character like no one else does.

    I love these type of videos you make. Please make more and we'll be gladly to give our opinions.

    Thank you

  • For Death Or Glory

    For Death Or Glory

     3 days ago

    I agree Beerus is a good character who just has more misses than hits, he has potential to grow on all of us, the way he showed respect to our heroes for the first time in the tournament. They have made it clear Beerus is learning from the mortals. They are going at such a slow pace with it, it just removes the tension, drama and comedic effect.
    I'm hoping the 2nd half of Supers anime changes up character development methods, the only characters who were fun to watch was Kale and Caulifla.
    They felt like genuine DB characters.

  • Baron Thundercunt

    Baron Thundercunt

     3 days ago

    Power creep. The death of all anime.

  • VilheimTheUnsinkable


     3 days ago

    My issue with Beerus is, well, scaling. It feels like they have to constantly give him off screen buffs to not have a literal god of destruction fall to the wayside. It's the numbers game all over again.

  • MajinXero


     3 days ago

    Mark you seem to love Nigra all of a sudden

  • Eric Rachinsky

    Eric Rachinsky

     4 days ago

    Beerus carried Super for me lol

  • cryptkeeper08


     5 days ago

    Resurrection F was the worst of the 3 films. But still better then most of the DB films.

  • MR master

    MR master

     5 days ago +1

    Could you make another video like with the bu saga of how you would handle Betis in the series

  • OMG Ronnie

    OMG Ronnie

     6 days ago

    I don’t really get this video. At no point was I like oh that makes sense or I can relate. Can you like summarize it for me with your key points because I was lost the whole time

  • Christopher McElwee

    Christopher McElwee

     6 days ago

    It’s hard to use a character that is supposed to be as strong as he is without removing more tension so I see that as a problem for him but during fights where he is just watching and brings occasional humor doesn’t remove the stakes to me. He says numerous times that he doesn’t care how certain battles go, so why would he intervene and take away tension? If you want to complain about him then you could honestly look at plenty of side characters that used to have bigger roles earlier in this series’ history.

  • Wright Wright

    Wright Wright

     6 days ago

    I'm sorry but beerus doesn't suck the tension out at all because he never directly interferes. He litteraly says I don't care what happens. If anything what sucks any tension out of any scene in dragonballz is whis( because he can just rewind time buts its only by a few minutes) and the existence of the namikian dragonballs. Before cell saga if you simply killed picclo than suddenly what ever happened to heros actually mattered. Since its show about good and evil than we already know the heros will win. There is no tension in whether or not goku will win his fight or at the very least protect the earth. At the end of the day he will win. That was the case since the beginning of the z. However what wasn't the case was who would die along the way. Ever since the introduction of the namikian dragonballs whatever the tension the regular dragonballs limits gave was comeptly tooken away. You litteraly have goku telling gohan don't worry about killing anyone when he was fighting cell because of the dragon balls and piccloo told super buu to kill everyone. Litteraly whatever little tension there are in any scene outside of tourment of power where entire universes were being erased was created by the viewer watching because at any moment after the sayain saga and really mid frieza saga could easily had been undone. Heck the frieza saga was litteraly the undoing of whatever bad thing that happend during the sayain saga just meaning whatever tension that was there really didn't exist.

  • RecklessFire29


     7 days ago

    4:36 God I hate this scene. Oh my God I hate this scene. This is the scene that, just when Vegeta is about to finish Frieza and get revenge for all the Saiyan race, Goku swoops in and one shots him. God I wish Vegeta could get a break. Even turning hero didn't help the poor bastard. This is what always broke the tension for me. Goku always wins the final fight, no matter what. When it's any side character vs anyone else, yes, I get nail bitey. Goku? Never. He ruined entire arcs because he just breezes in, finds a new transformation, and then nails the big bad to the ground in a single massive attack. Fuck Goku.

  • Robrockstar96


     7 days ago

    Or imagine if they didn’t cheapen Vegeta Victory of Frieza.

  • robizzlor


     7 days ago +1

    One of the best new characters. 100 times better than Son Gohan.

  • Xfusion


     7 days ago

    The reason both GT and Super feels out of place with Dragon Ball (original and Z) is actually the same issue: Goku is the only character that's relevant to the plot, there's not a single arc in both series that does not revolve entirely around him, pushing the rest of the cast away.
    In Z sure the first two arcs revolve around him (Sayins and Freezer) but the first one stablished Gohan and Piccolo's relashionship while the later also sets Vegeta as an anti-hero rather than a villan. Cell's arc is mostly about passing the torch to Gohan and Majin Buu's interesting bits are about Vegeta having his identity crisis and admiting he's not better than Goku.

    In Super there's not an arc that develops any stablished character at all (mainly becasue there are no stablished characters left to develop). Battle of gods introduced Beerus and after that just joins the roster in the background while Goku solves everything with Vegeta following around. Same thing happens in GT: none of the previous characters gets any interesting development and Goku fixes everything because somehow everyone became ridicoulosly underpowered.