"Three Ways to Stay Encouraged" with Jentezen Franklin



  • Monica Joseph

    Monica Joseph

     21 days ago

    In every generation God has remnants. Jentezen is God's remnants for this perverse generation.

  • spicy12


     1 months ago

    Teach sir

  • sukruthy nischal

    sukruthy nischal

     1 months ago

    Pray for my marrage

  • Alisa Lauzon

    Alisa Lauzon

     3 months ago

    The accuser has been at my neck days on end,but Im doing Better then I think I are..Because Jesus! Ive been lead to hear this encouraging sermon! I am Blessed!

  • leticia thomas

    leticia thomas

     3 months ago

    Amen glory to God!

  • Isabel Sibuyi

    Isabel Sibuyi

     3 months ago

    I stopped listening to Jentezen after he manipulated the scriptures

  • Isabel Sibuyi

    Isabel Sibuyi

     3 months ago

    Read the word of God in its context so that you wonโ€™t be deceived

  • Isabel Sibuyi

    Isabel Sibuyi

     3 months ago +1


    Jesus bragged on John and later said that John will not inherit the kingdom of God because of his unbelief. How is that encouragement ? Jesus said that John was the greatest in the world but he will be the least in heaven ( meaning he wonโ€™t go to heaven)

    How is that encouragement?

  • Olle Lindvall

    Olle Lindvall

     3 months ago

    My uninsured house burned down 8 years ago. I
    couldn`t afford to rebuild it. Please say a prayer for me!

  • Shirley Akpelu

    Shirley Akpelu

     3 months ago

    Need encouragement!

  • Isabel Sibuyi

    Isabel Sibuyi

     4 months ago

    Matthew 11:11 continues to say that John is the least in the kingdom of heaven. Which means he will not inherent the kingdom because of his unbelief. How is that encouragement?

    Is the goal to be holy and inherit the Kingdom of God or be great in this world ?

    I love you Pastor but this message was misleading.

  • florence mapenzauswa

    florence mapenzauswa

     4 months ago +1

    I always get uplifted when i listen to your sermons. Yes will praise the Lord in spite of. Watching from Zimbabwe Thank You Pastor Franklin

  • John15:17


     4 months ago

    You're a blessing! Thank you!

  • Blue Skies

    Blue Skies

     4 months ago

    Thank-you for the encouraging words. I know that you meant them.

  • Shirley Solomon

    Shirley Solomon

     4 months ago

    Pastor jentezen Franklin u are such a blessing to me, each msg of urs is so different n at such a different level it just feeds my spirit . Mumbai lndia

  • Selah Salah

    Selah Salah

     5 months ago


  • mik ztif

    mik ztif

     5 months ago +1

    Gods timing is always perfect!Just what I needed to hear tonight.Thank you Lord!

  • rebecca kuppusamy

    rebecca kuppusamy

     5 months ago

    please pray for God to restore my marriage life

  • Johnisa Moody

    Johnisa Moody

     5 months ago

    Do better than be think you are amen we need to encourage each other

  • Pharaoh Tut

    Pharaoh Tut

     5 months ago +2

    Amen to these words of encouragement, in Jesus name! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡