TRY NOT TO LAUGH | Funny Fails Videos 2019 | People Don't Know What They're Doing

  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • TRY NOT TO LAUGH | Funny Fails Videos 2019 | People Don't Know What They're Doing

    Welcome back to Life Awesome with series Funny Fails Compilation. This video contains some of crazy but funny footages. These people really don't know what they're doing. So enjoy watching them fall 😂

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  • Dilara Halil

    Dilara Halil

     an hour ago

    1 fuuny vid was: when the woman fall on the boat😂😂😂😂

  • Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy

     2 hours ago




     5 hours ago

    Where's the thumbnail one at?.....I'm to lazy to watch entire video

  • Shashank Dixit

    Shashank Dixit

     11 hours ago

    Ohio Ok thanks bhabhiji syl mere pad

  • Chahinez Toualbia

    Chahinez Toualbia

     14 hours ago


  • video geç

    video geç

     16 hours ago

    İs it funny😕

  • Harumi Kagaya

    Harumi Kagaya

     17 hours ago +1

    This is painful how irony is this are you blind what funny about it its just pain 😧

  • Chong TV

    Chong TV


    lol not funny

  • Raheim Hale

    Raheim Hale

     2 days ago +1

    We laughed to much

  • MrGeorge aka Gamer george

    MrGeorge aka Gamer george

     2 days ago

    these werent funny

  • Cookie Latte Yt

    Cookie Latte Yt

     2 days ago +2

    Warning: My 5 year old sister just said:

    "Itch my coochie cuz it itch"

  • Ali Rizvi

    Ali Rizvi

     2 days ago

    7:44 WTF!?!?

  • The art gallery

    The art gallery

     3 days ago

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    70% of the comments- who’s watching in 2019

    20% of the comments- I’m gifting my next 50 loyal subs 🎁🎉

    Me: shut up, honestly. One day I’m gonna blow up from getting so mad. 😑😩
    Thank you for reading this dear friend!
    I’m gifting my next 10 subs 🎁🎉
    Just kidding!!!!!! 🤗😅😂😆

  • Boston_Mama84


     3 days ago +4

    I only thought 1 was a little funny.. definitely not "the funniest videos ever." Which this was the 1st video that my search came up with

  • H Malik

    H Malik

     4 days ago


  • Smwd rmdan

    Smwd rmdan

     4 days ago


  • Natividad Martinez Alvarado

    Natividad Martinez Alvarado

     4 days ago +1

    To do espreparado

  • ايلين رستم

    ايلين رستم

     4 days ago


  • ايلين رستم

    ايلين رستم

     4 days ago

    no no no no

  • Jose Garrido

    Jose Garrido

     5 days ago