• Published on:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018
  • Robot war BattbleBots 2017 Highlights
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  • Snowiest_ Owl_

    Snowiest_ Owl_

     7 hours ago

    3:37 what was that laugh that girl did?

  • Kramers player

    Kramers player

     11 hours ago

    If on pornhub u search "sex between robots" u will get this: 7:42

  • ACsomebody


     11 hours ago

    Some cheap copt of robot wars...

  • Jørgen Ramdahl

    Jørgen Ramdahl

     20 hours ago

    Listen to all that cheering and at the same time see the audience sitting still and silent in the background. American production 100%

  • John Taylor

    John Taylor

     21 hours ago

    I think that they should make one look like a turtle

  • มึงก้อเมากูรู้ ไอสอง

    มึงก้อเมากูรู้ ไอสอง

     21 hours ago

    เสียดายคนที่ ไม่มีคนไทยไปเเข่ง

  • Agzam Dulatov

    Agzam Dulatov

     23 hours ago

    I’m more amazed by the creativity of the builders of these bots

  • Anukun Kanphian

    Anukun Kanphian


    4:43 useless drone ever

  • Коста Ђурић

    Коста Ђурић

     yesterday +1

    0:09 stupid women, they didn't even start and she waste all ammo and she didn't even hit enemy

  • Jack Skidd

    Jack Skidd

     yesterday +1

    Flame throwing drone , will be found in the dictionary under USELESS .

  • Ahmad Irsyad Nizam

    Ahmad Irsyad Nizam


    Forces the famous gadget builder or hire him to build an op bot

  • Ahmad Irsyad Nizam

    Ahmad Irsyad Nizam


    Taser bot (build a taser) , nuke bot (put rocket) , and if youre lucky use water bot (most of the gadget thing weak to water maybe)

  • Sundanese 50

    Sundanese 50


    Generation 1 from real steal 🤭

  • Naheed Shaikh

    Naheed Shaikh


    Is this real??

  • Orc Com Cárie

    Orc Com Cárie

     2 days ago +1

    Enquanto isso, no Brasil: rinha de galo

  • RazaXML


     2 days ago

    that first fight was obviously staged. projectiles aren't even allowed. if that's the best this list has I'm done. stopped watching

  • Chris Heckert

    Chris Heckert

     2 days ago +1

    Watches first 2 matches.... cant be better. sees third WHAT

  • FreeLeGiOn


     2 days ago +3

    This reminds me of naruto cause fire jutsu never works

  • Özgün Özdemir

    Özgün Özdemir

     3 days ago +2

    0:37 diabolical chinese laughter

  • المقاتل الشبح

    المقاتل الشبح

     4 days ago +1

    شوف العالم شلون متونسين واحنة حايرين بالسستاني ومقتدة