"First Fruits of the New Year" with Jentezen Franklin

  • Published on:  Friday, December 27, 2013
  • There is a threefold cord that is not easily broken ... fasting, prayer, and giving! We are getting ready to set aside the first part of the year as a firstfruits fast to the Lord. It's an opportunity to say, "I'm doing things differently, I'm breaking routine, and I'm rearranging priorities to put God first in my life this year". Why is this so important? This message is a concise look at what the Lord says will happen when we bring our first fruits to Him.

    Watch "First Fruits of the New Year" with Jentezen Franklin, host of Kingdom Connection & Pastor of Free Chapel.

  • Source: https://youtu.be/ly8TXj8w7HA


  • Pharaoh Tut

    Pharaoh Tut

     a years ago

    Amen, thanks for this "new year's" message prompt, in Jesus name!! 👍🙏👼

  • sell high

    sell high

     a years ago +1

    Christians should give above the law ABOVE THE LAW NOT below the law, therefore if the law was 10% then Christians should give above 10% whether split in 100 places or one place.

    Tithing would mean to put the 10% in one place, so to GIVE in the new testament you split it into many places obeying giving ABOVE the law.

    REMEMBER "The tithe is the Lords" not any Churches or Cult. The tithe is the Lords for you to give above the Law unto the Lord by Faith.

    Even carnal men can tithe unto the Lord to Charities because all the wealth of the earth belongs to the Most High.

    The difference between the Old and New Covenant is that in the NEW covenant the Lord removes all differences between Tithes, Offerings, and Firstfruits and Alms etc. All are OFFERINGS nevertheless the Lords weighs the heart to know if he/she gives a worthy offering or not.

    We say we live in the dispensation of Grace and seedtime and harvest yet we give less than the Old Covenant? ABSOLUTE NONSENSE! Do we give less because we are poorer than those in the Old Covenant or some say they were for Jews ... however, Malachi says "Will A man rob God?" A man any human being with flesh and blood: will a man rob God?

    Some say Tithe have only planted fruit crops and farm produce: Do we still live under seed time and harvest and why do we still give Offerings and Charity today?

    Some say the Tithe was a tax by the Children of Israel to God as ruler: Really is our tax today more spiritual? Why do we use offerings in Church then?

    Notice I have mentioned only converting the 10%TITHE into giving in the NEW Testament dispensation as a minimum giving and not controlling where and how it is given as I am not an advocate of giving the 10% constantly to the same church week or month after month.

    But Christians total giving should be above 10% per income thereby living above the Law in grace.

  • الو الوو

    الو الوو

     2 years ago +1

    Am fasting for my first fruits offering I know my life will never be the same thank you pastor for the massage my life will never be the same God u sir

  • Lakisha b

    Lakisha b

     2 years ago +2

    Thank you Man fo God for this word! ❤️

  • Juane Zoutendyk

    Juane Zoutendyk

     2 years ago

    Can someone please explain to me in the modern day living when must you pay your first fruits.How much of your income each month must you pay. How long must you wait for the harvest time. Realy want to do it for God in obiedience.

  • Coffee Lover

    Coffee Lover

     3 years ago +3

    I am putting God first this year!

  • Mariella Sanchez

    Mariella Sanchez

     6 years ago +2

    Beautiful... He is the number one. He doesnt compete with anything-nobody! John 14:6. The best offering ever and ever.

  • Eva Didier

    Eva Didier

     6 years ago +6

    Am fasting 21days with ur church this coming new year