What Does DLC Pack 8 Need To Change? Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Published on:  Monday, September 24, 2018
  • Music used: Cyber Peacock Theme- Megaman x4
  • Source: https://youtu.be/lkQFPFiDt8U


  • D&CGaming Legion

    D&CGaming Legion

     a years ago +4

    What do you want to see changed for the free update with DLC pack 8?

  • ultragodzillafan


     a years ago

    I thought the news board thing only happened to me! I never knew it happened to anyone else.

  • Jake Lugo

    Jake Lugo

     a years ago

    We want super saiyan rage broly transformation also we need our own stand when we power up alao new hair styles they need to make xeno great

  • Wesker Midnight NL

    Wesker Midnight NL

     a years ago

    Good video

  • HCgamingpro


     a years ago +1

    Good video and you earned a new sub. We should collab some time. HMU on Twitter

    Edit : no homo

  • Mohit Kumar

    Mohit Kumar

     a years ago

    I want to dlc pack 8 the great app transformation UI transformation , new story mode of tournament of power , new playable character and the last difficulty option on free fight

  • No Thank You

    No Thank You

     a years ago +3

    1. Able to rename your CAC

  • Adam Vargas

    Adam Vargas

     a years ago

    Imagine if you could be a Raid boss without hacking?

  • AntheranIndustries


     a years ago +3

    Perfect guard and z vanish need to be nerfed

  • xeno info

    xeno info

     a years ago +4

    everyone talking about what needs to change in the game except the one thing that matters most. THE PEOPLE PLAYING THE GAME NEED TO CHANGE THEIR MENTALITY because that is the biggest problem on this game the constant complaining about stuff that's not even cheap and don't even have the proper information of what actual cheese is. stop thinking just because someone doesn't fight the same way as you do(in general I am speaking) it's automatically cheap like stuff like this is major problem more than anything. if this changes slightly doesn't even have to be drastic and it would make a big difference in the experiences on this game. this a cool video though of brainstorming fasho

  • Skar Dragon 19

    Skar Dragon 19

     a years ago +6

    Give the tails and wings animation

  • Lackadaisical


     a years ago

    I know this is a little late but I play on the switch version. All the raids except the Kefla wig one that I've done have only lasted 2 days..1 and a half really. I was confused when you said that you're getting 5.

  • LightShadow Wolf

    LightShadow Wolf

     a years ago +8

    What I'd like to see added:
    A new customization section which allows CACs to select their default battle stance, aura type and aura color.
    A machine that allows you to change the color of clothing and accessories using Zeni or TP medals for high level clothes and accessories
    A fully functioning announcements board.
    The option to select the time on a limitations turned on lobby and the option to enable or disable limit bursts.
    More hairstyles based off wigs we have in game and original character hairstyles.
    Attack nerfs and buffs:
    Remove invincibility frames from aura slide and fake death, also make fake death cost 100 ki.
    Remove the buff they gave to super black kamehameha so you can roll out of it when hit if you are not stamina broken.
    Make dragon fist vanishable again or at least that you can use your evasive to escape.
    Buff the damage of the following moves:
    Super explosive wave
    Rakshasa's Claw
    Meteor Blow
    Neo Wolf Fang Fist.
    Gravity Impact.
    Innocence Breath
    Super Ghost buu attack
    Evil Flame
    Increase the speed of:
    Big bang attack
    Riot Javelin
    Innocence Cannon
    Make evil blast cost 500 ki
    Make justice combination and saiyan spirit vanishable after they hit the first time and make justice combination continue with the animation even if it misses.
    Make warp kamehameha stronger than super kamehameha.
    Make dimension hole able to absorb ki supers.
    Make emperor's death beam consume ki faster
    Give finish breaker tracking so it works like other moves of that nature.
    Make light grenade connect after a knockdown combo(it does not when I do it with my male saiyans)
    Make the rosé goku black super soul unusable for female majins and make the hm hmm hmmm! super soul unusable in pvp
    Make last emperor and breaker energy wave 5 ki bar ultimates but decrease the damage of breaker energy wave a bit

  • Thomas Smith2

    Thomas Smith2

     a years ago

    I get wanting thing like wigs and accessories available for both genders but maybe some clothes should stay gender appropriate, i mean y in the hell would u even want to put a skirt or dress on ur overly buff male CaC

  • Adrain Styles

    Adrain Styles

     a years ago

    If they want they can even charge TP metals for colors🎨 for each color 😂🤑I'll buy it if they want money

  • Limbo Prime

    Limbo Prime

     a years ago +1

    To be fair with the clothes thing certain stuff like frieza only clothes should stay that way but everything else is free game except certain female clothing I don't think male cacs would look good with kid chi chi clothes. Limit Burst is gay. And you're drunk if you think ssb looks better than Ssj4. It can be stronger but it certainly doesn't look better than Ssj4 especially when it's just a recolored ssj form. Super Saiyan God should have been just called Saiyan God and Ssb should be Super Saiyan God

  • Vegito Yeeto

    Vegito Yeeto

     a years ago

    I'm pretty sure that this dlc pack or the next will be the last ones.

  • Super Blue Gamer 9000

    Super Blue Gamer 9000

     a years ago +8

    Also I feel like we should be able to choose our fighting style, grabs, running animation flying animation, and unique aura that changes your ki blast color when you transform.

  • Super Blue Gamer 9000

    Super Blue Gamer 9000

     a years ago +7

    I want a movable saiyan tail also the saiyan tail is dumb on the frieza race

  • Broly The broccoli 98

    Broly The broccoli 98

     a years ago

    Aura color and fighting style
    More open worlds