• Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • NEW ANIMATED TRANSFORMATIONS 2018! DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 All NEW Custom Character Transformations and Ultimate Attacks MOD Showcase featuring Mastered Ultra Instinct Vegeta, Ui Goku, Golden Cooler and many more. ドラゴンボール ゼノバース2 Subscribe for more DB FighterZ & Xenoverse 2 gameplay!! Be sure to drop a like if you enjoyed the video!
    Previous video:
    JUMP FORCE (2019) All Playable Character Transformations & Ultimate Attacks Demo 1080p
    Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku All Abilities s Jiren (DLC) Gameplay

    All the transformations in the video are custom made;
    All Custom Transformations & Auras by
    Vegeta Mastered Ultra Instinct & Golden Cooler mod by Bojack temple
    Broly All Forms & Transformations by JWP mods
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  • Dylan Valentina

    Dylan Valentina

     21 days ago +1

    When ultra instinct vegeta does his final flash it sounds like a call of duty zombie what the frick

  • YoraoAllahHiHiHiHi AyaanTonveer0

    YoraoAllahHiHiHiHi AyaanTonveer0

     1 months ago

    JAS 543210

  • Rikki Scott

    Rikki Scott

     3 months ago +1

    Rainbow turles

  • Son Goku

    Son Goku

     3 months ago +2

    This is how many people are watching in 2019

  • DC F

    DC F

     4 months ago +1

    Hey no. Goku. Kaioken. And. No. Kaioken. X3. And. Kaioken x20. And. Kaioken. Max. And no. Kaioken. 100

  • HyperX 56

    HyperX 56

     6 months ago

    I wonder if they would have a UI Gogeta
    One day as a mod

  • Diia Rose

    Diia Rose

     8 months ago

    do not ever show vegeta ui it's not cannon

  • Gogeta blue

    Gogeta blue

     8 months ago +1

    Ultra instinct vegeta is more badass as compared to mui goku

  • ZapMeBro


     8 months ago

    That gohan looks like a fighter z gohan

  • The Once and Future Prophet

    The Once and Future Prophet

     8 months ago

    SS4 Rosé Goku Black should be considered a hate crime against Dragon Ball.

  • Christopher ikeduba Ikeduba

    Christopher ikeduba Ikeduba

     9 months ago

    Gohan Blanco will be awesome try and get that not ssjb or ssj rage

  • Sgt. Flippy

    Sgt. Flippy

     9 months ago

    Even xeno king vegeta
    Edit: I just thought that was an awesome transformation, plus not many know him

  • Jay Cey

    Jay Cey

     9 months ago

    Kid goku's tail still doesn't change can they fix that like bardock armor

  • Taha Heneiber

    Taha Heneiber

     9 months ago

    Present Gohan look straight outta FighterZ

  • Sunaruto2


     9 months ago

    ssj3 vegito: ill warn u, im very strong.
    me: 💀 he always got da jokes

  • Inky LEGO Star Wars

    Inky LEGO Star Wars

     9 months ago +3

    The intro sounded like Zamasu told us to like

  • The Regular JOJO Player

    The Regular JOJO Player

     9 months ago +1

    Mods are way better

  • Deadpool Deadpool

    Deadpool Deadpool

     9 months ago

    2019 here ... they should bring transformations out like DBZBT3 -...- Frieza first Form Land final Form but No 2 and 3 and this shit is by every charackter

  • alpha_o_o


     10 months ago

    Ssb Gohan would be fire in the anime

  • Mystic Gohan

    Mystic Gohan

     10 months ago

    Dammmm rage ssj fits gohan
    F ssg and blue