What If Broly (DB Super) Were In The Tournament Of Power? Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 Extra Pack 4

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/kQ5ZC1DuajU


  • Matthew Read

    Matthew Read

     11 months ago

    Well Vic got fired. That fucking #mee too bandwagon

  • LittleDavieG


     11 months ago

    These are the sound effects of Broly from Dragon Ball Legends

  •  a years ago

    If jiren went limit breaker he would still win



     a years ago

    How to win the tournament without doing anything

    Call broly

  • Tyre Hawley

    Tyre Hawley

     a years ago

    more brutal than the other Broly

  • SpriteKing101


     a years ago

    I did a what if but the reason it diddent work

    because broly is too op

  • jonathan lowry

    jonathan lowry

     a years ago +1

    dude since broly is stonger then jiren jiren wouldnt have been a problem and ultra instinct wouldnt have been born

  • Swag It

    Swag It

     a years ago

    The DB community would jizz their pants if this happens

  • Infamous NM

    Infamous NM

     a years ago

    Holy shiet Hes massive

  • 2wams


     a years ago

    Would also replace majin buu intend of frieza

  • Dr STONE

    Dr STONE

     a years ago

    broly would have been the first one to get kicked off the stage bc all that rage just like what jiren did to kale when she was going crazy. Then when he gets kicked off THE stage and gets put out on the bench he will start going crazy then zeno would have to erase him like frost

  • Kiran


     a years ago

    That teamwork is fucking sick.

    Would love to see a team between not only Goku & Broly but Vegeta as well.
    The Full-blood Saiyan Trinity.

  • Charles McFadden

    Charles McFadden

     a years ago


  • absurd potato

    absurd potato

     a years ago

    If broly were to not kill someone then he would likely be one of the very last taken out. Broly's raw potential alone makes him a dangerous force who likely would slaughter otger universe teams. Keep in mind he is still technically just in super sayian so if he goes further beyond then God help the poor soul who is in his path.

  • Gorjak


     a years ago

    goku, vegeta and broly would still have a tough time with jiren until broly and goku break their limit. but keep in mind, broly lacks speed and serious jiren was able to still keep up with and over power ultra instinct goku until goku reached mastered ultra instinct. but when jiren reaches full power, the gap will be too wide at that point and broly wont be able to even touch jiren. perfect example of speed outclassing power is the fight between cell vs trunks, and the fight between despo vs gohan and frieza

  • Mr BoneCastle

    Mr BoneCastle

     a years ago +1

    If Broly had been in the TOP, 90% of the warriors save for Jiren,toppo,kale, and caulifla would be knocked out.

  • Germán


     a years ago +2

    1:49 dat combo xd

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

     a years ago

    Its a shame xenoverse made broly pretty corny and never tried making the dlc characters base forms and have there own unique transformations

  • Ares Watkins

    Ares Watkins

     a years ago +5

    Broly and Goku would make a great team

  • Jamal Green

    Jamal Green

     a years ago

    fighterz have non of these characters 😂😂