Funniest joke you’ve ever heard about being late. Andy Woodhull - Full Special

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 28, 2019
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  • Peter Brooke

    Peter Brooke

     2 hours ago

    i worked with people who washed containers with the lids on , in the dish washer , and it was a nursing home

  • ZoraXire


     3 hours ago

    Most of the women didn't show up for the interview dude.

  • Renata Shaykhetdinova

    Renata Shaykhetdinova

     3 hours ago

    Good crowd.

  • J Dawg

    J Dawg

     4 hours ago

    As a teenage girl, the joke about the ranch dressing is the most accurate thing ever

  • Mc rugrat

    Mc rugrat

     4 hours ago

    Glad i found this. Really really funny

  • marc rasmussen

    marc rasmussen

     8 hours ago

    Ooooh man, YOU ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS 😆. But those wife jokes are going to have you eaten TV dinners for a month LOL😆

  • M3ÅN_STR3ÅK89


     8 hours ago

    Are all of the comedians at this club trans?

  • Nathan Cate

    Nathan Cate

     10 hours ago

    So many people dont know comedians because they arent performing for free often enough. Sad times.

  • Haddy X

    Haddy X

     11 hours ago

    A grown man dressing like a 12 year old boy.... somebody check his browser history

  • Charles Ray

    Charles Ray

     12 hours ago

    Lmao!! So I guess the roast has begun!! Hilarious

  • Julian


     12 hours ago

    This is trash. Did he practice his material in the faculty room?

  • littleoldal


     13 hours ago

    it's like sarcasm, but with a genuine smiley face so that he doesn't get in trouble. amazing.

  • Tatersalad19 Cars

    Tatersalad19 Cars

     13 hours ago

    A man spends half his life waiting for
    “ Ms. Right”. To come along, and the rest of his life waiting on Ms. Right to get ready to “come along”.

  • The Noble and Mighty Beaver

    The Noble and Mighty Beaver

     16 hours ago

    My step father has no arms, for real. Not a great fighter but he can kick like a mule.

  • 1 Ludlow

    1 Ludlow

     16 hours ago

    You know what is the best part of these videos is that f-ing youtube interupps by inserting tons of ads right in the middle of the joke...I wish there was some where else to the way I really enjoyed the show...

  • Wild Dog

    Wild Dog

     16 hours ago

    This guy is great. I want to hang out with him some time.

  • Brandon DeFalco

    Brandon DeFalco

     17 hours ago

    This was so funny! 😆

  • EricVon bush

    EricVon bush

     20 hours ago +1

    Hilarious and true cant win fight ever with wifey

  • Clarisse Burke

    Clarisse Burke

     20 hours ago

    He’s hilarious!😂

  • William Tyler

    William Tyler

     20 hours ago

    Jimmy fallon feel