DBXV2:All Character Transformations [W/DLC7 & MODS]

  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • A huge compilation of the Official Transformations for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, along with some modded Custom Transformations. This is the 4th compilation I've done regarding this, concerning all the official ones. The modded transformations include

    1. First form Frieza transforming into his 4th Form, 100% Form, and Golden Form

    2. Vegeta transforming into Super Saiyan Blue

    3. Goku transforming into SSG, ,Ultra Instinct -Sign-, and Ultra Instinct

    4.Trunks transforming into USSJ, and Super Saiyan Rage.

    5. Goku Black Transforming into Super Saiyan Rose

    6. Fused Zamasu transforming into his Half corrupted form. And increasing his size further

    7. GT Kid Goku Transforming into Super Saiyan 4.

    8. Vegito transforming into SSB, SSBKK, and SSBKKX10

    9. Kefla Transforming into SSJ

    10. Piccolo and Lord Slug going into their Giant Form

    11. Cooler transforming into his final form

    12. Broly transforming into LSSJ

    13. Imperfect Cell transforming into his Perfect Form, and SPC

    14. Mira transforming into Final Form Mira

    and more!
    The people responsible for these mods include
    Lazybone[Vegito, Zamasu, Goku Black, SSB Goku,etc]

    Dallience[SSB Vegeta MOD]

    Check out his YT Channel, Patreon, and Twitter below!

    YT Channel




    Kim Hyojin[LSSJ Broly Transformation]

    Bojack Temple

    arcti wolf

    The official transformations shown in this video include

    1. Goku: Transforming into Kaioken, Kaioken X3, Kaioken X20, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3[SSJ1,SSJ2,SSJ3]

    2. Vegeta Transforming into Super Saiyan , Super Saiyan 2.

    3. Teen Gohan Transforming into SSJ2

    4. Adult Gohan Transforming into SSJ, SSJ2, and Unlocked Potential/Potential Unleashed/Mystic Form

    5. GT Kid Goku Transforming into SSJ, and SSJ3

    6. Goten and Kid Trunks Transforming into SSJ

    7.Future Trunks Transforming into SSJ. DBS Trunks Transforming into SSJ2. GT Trunks Transforming into SSJ.

    8. Gotenks Transforming into SSJ, and SSJ3

    9.Bardock Transforming into SSJ, SSJ2, and SSJ3

    10. Cabba Transforming into SSJ.

    11. Vegito/Vegetto Transforming into SSJ

    12. Nappa transforming into SSJ

    Xenoverse 2 Custom Transformations Playlist https://goo.gl/xHfkZ1
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/jHaKQtH5upA


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    El Kaioken no es una transformacion... es una tecnica 👍

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    0:20 What the fffuuudge?!!!

  • Jaden Calloway

    Jaden Calloway

     4 months ago

    Trunks:WHAT THE FU* 0:20

  • I have Big peen

    I have Big peen

     4 months ago

    Nappa going super saiyan is the most depressing things i have ever seen

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  • Solevita Macchiatto

    Solevita Macchiatto

     7 months ago

    Wesh les Fr vous êtes là

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    Cyan On 144hz

     7 months ago

    4:58 ultra instinct

  • Kono Dio Da!

    Kono Dio Da!

     8 months ago

    Dbz arm sound when going ssj plays
    Gohan: GO!!!

  • Everett Croyle

    Everett Croyle

     8 months ago

    Goku black:Heahhh Me: rawr ur a dinosaur

  • Icedtea


     9 months ago

    Light and justice, strike me!

    Doesn't seem it to me

  • Austin J.

    Austin J.

     9 months ago

    The demon tide theme from kh3 added a nice touch.

  • Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

     9 months ago +2

    4:22 anyone else heard goku saying I GOT A BISCUIT!

  • Jakku NoShi

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     10 months ago

    I wish DBX2 can have these in the game

  • Łegend of silver

    Łegend of silver

     10 months ago

    Slt j'ai une question , est il possible te moder dbx2 sur ps4 ?
    Merci d'avance .

  • Pabrosof Gousparl

    Pabrosof Gousparl

     11 months ago

    Mira final form sounds like lord beerus

  • Dodge Ali

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     11 months ago

    where is the link to download

  • Biel Aparisiu

    Biel Aparisiu

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    Would be cool to have mods on Switch, are they only on PC?

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