NEW MOVES! All DLC 8 Super & Ultimate CAC Attacks | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • All unlockable CAC Attacks from DLC 8/Extra Pack 4

    Gogeta (Super Saiyan Blue)
    Assault Vanish
    Spirit Blaster
    Punisher Shield
    God Punisher

    Broly (Full Power)
    Powered Shell
    Gigantic Charge
    Gigantic Rage
    Gigantic Roar

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  • Alwish


     7 days ago

    is her hair also a mod?

  • John Boy

    John Boy

     3 months ago

    Thanks for the video! I did have a few questions about some of the skills before I buy the pack.
    -For punisher shield, does the move break the opponents guard if you use it without a counter?
    -Does Broly super skills have super armor for your CAC or is this just unique to Broly?
    -Would you personally recommend getting this DLC or is it kind of underwhelming?

  • Alexander Jones

    Alexander Jones

     3 months ago +1

    I wish we could change the colors of the snowsuit.

  • Hilarious and Original Channel Name

    Hilarious and Original Channel Name

     7 months ago

    Kari's looking clean in that SAB jacket!

  • Animedingo


     8 months ago

    No soul punisher. No cross army thing.

    the loki smash is pretty good

  • Bimbo Babrudo

    Bimbo Babrudo

     9 months ago


  • Z Saiyan

    Z Saiyan

     9 months ago +1

    Super mad dance is with this dlc or its free ?

  • ACT OF WAR 39

    ACT OF WAR 39

     9 months ago

    I want that jacket

  • MysticXcore


     11 months ago

    What kind hairstyle mod does Kari have?

  • seto kiba

    seto kiba

     11 months ago

    Please Mary my cac

  • Jarno


     a years ago

    What is your tail mod,just wondering

  • lucio tobias

    lucio tobias

     a years ago

    wait you forgot gigantic meteor

  • Awe Santos

    Awe Santos

     a years ago

    Ur cac Is So cute And how did she get the scar in her face tho

  • Colorgone


     a years ago

    I really like that Jacket. I wish there was a version for Male Saiyans

  • Dante Aidoo

    Dante Aidoo

     a years ago

    is kari clothes set mods aswell?

  • †ღxZ- I N S A N I T Y -Zxღ†

    †ღxZ- I N S A N I T Y -Zxღ†

     a years ago

    Dlc number? I want God Punisher n Gigantic Roar

  • Badtime Gaming

    Badtime Gaming

     a years ago

    Insert loud burp noise 1:35



     a years ago

    Your clothes are mod?

  • 정치훈


     a years ago

    What is your clothes?

  • yungxkxeryday 23

    yungxkxeryday 23

     a years ago

    Someone is keeping Cool this winter