HAQ – Kashmir “A Nuclear Flash Point”

  • Published on:  Friday, September 21, 2018
  • HAQ – Kashmir “A Nuclear Flash Point”

    HAQ - EP 19 - 21 September 2018

    Host: Reema Shaukat
    Guest: Dr. Zafar Jaspal

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/hyRQf9Lf6H4


  • Ameer Hamza

    Ameer Hamza

     11 months ago

    good analysis...

  • devendra singh Dalal

    devendra singh Dalal

     a years ago

    What was the formula. Self made lies.

  • Budhraja Vikram

    Budhraja Vikram

     a years ago

    Look Pak is called amanpasand mulk he he he

  • SuPpEr SeLeCtIoN

    SuPpEr SeLeCtIoN

     a years ago

    I love you reema shokat

  • Dipak Basu

    Dipak Basu

     a years ago

    The only solution is the complete Exchange of Population over many years. Muslims of the Indian administered Kashmir can go to the Pakistani part which is about half of the original state of Jammu & Kashmir. There is no other solution which will work in practice.

  • Debjyoti Adhikary

    Debjyoti Adhikary

     a years ago

    No compromise on J&K bhul jao tum.

  • Sushil Kumar Sharma

    Sushil Kumar Sharma

     a years ago

    Are haramkhoro 10 lakh hinduon ko kasmir se isliye bhagaya,taki kashmir mein kewal musalman rahe.Bharat ko har keemat par jamu & kashmir ko bharat main rakhna.In musalmano ne bharat ka bada hissa pakistan aur bangladesh ke rup main le liya hai.Hinduon ko inhe inki aukat dikhani hogi,ye pyar mohhabat ke layak nahi hai.

  • R.veer jadon

    R.veer jadon

     a years ago

    Professor hoke bhi galat jankari rakhte ho

  • Pak Media On India Latest

    Pak Media On India Latest

     a years ago

    INDIAN MEDIA ke ANCHORS toh kabhi JAI SRI RAM nahi bolte ..

  • Vidya Babla

    Vidya Babla

     a years ago

    Kashmir ka masla sulzana mushkil hai, phir bhee isko "A Nuclear Flash Point" kahanaa theek nahin kaha ja sakta !

  • Jay popat

    Jay popat

     a years ago

    This media is giving completely wrong news.UN resolvetion said that India-Pakistan should move troops from Kashmir which Pakistan did not move until now. Pakistan should start telling truth rather than spreading wrong news. Today India will will not let go Kashmir it is now part of India.

  • Real Rider

    Real Rider

     a years ago

    THE MAN IS A TRUE LIAR. He is deliberately telling wrong HISTORY. You Pakistani dreaming that Kashmir will be with Pakistan, it is day-dreaming. Try another 70 years, but, after 70 years Pakistan will be divided into 5 provinces. AT FIRST SAVE YOU. You Pakistani telling about HUMAN RIGHT? Pakistan is the only country in the world whose air force bombing upon their own citizens. Don't try another war with INDIA, it will destroy Pakistan forever, and wipe out from the WORLD MAP.



     a years ago

    Keep throwing all veiled threat of nuclear war. That’s the gimmick your military establishment keep perpetuating to retain their significance.
    Scientifically tip of ice never melts. It will remain till the time entire ice berg is liquidated and melted.



     a years ago

    1994, Nehru? Article 370 a draconian law? Pakistan, a peace loving country? Arms (AK47) grown in Kashmiri apple orchard Street?
    Why UN has imposed the conditions for plebiscite? Plebiscite is no more an option when you have changed the demography in Kashmir by perpetrating terrorism.
    You will never speak on breach of standstill agreement and have ruined the Kashmiri life. Your Mr. Jinnah has ruined Kashmir. You guys have successfully made a hold on to this issue by fanning communal sentiments in last 70 years.

    All these lies are good enough for the Pakistanis. Keeping telling lies to your youths, create jihadis, and keep filling pockets of people in your military establishment.



     a years ago

    Mathrchot Sach Ne He Bolraha

    Kashmir India Rehega Sonle Mathrchot

  • Prabhat Darbari

    Prabhat Darbari

     a years ago +1

    Pakistan abb bhikari ban chuka hai uskay muh say Kashmir ka naam shobha nahi dayta

  • Sarvesh Mishra

    Sarvesh Mishra

     a years ago

    Speaking anything. Either this man is knowledge less or stupid. Definitely he studied in Madersa. We always use to watch your channel good anchor but bakwas other man ( so called Professor).plz invite only best people.

  • Murali Rengarajan

    Murali Rengarajan

     a years ago

    Stop bullshit. Kashmir is non issue. Take care of your economy first.

  • Shiv Gmail Mov

    Shiv Gmail Mov

     a years ago +1

    Why every Pakistani lies about Kashmir?

  • Mr HT

    Mr HT

     a years ago

    Jitna violent hoga utna hi Indian Government ke liye asan hoga.