BEST MODDED Dramatic Intros & Finishes | Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
  • A video that contains the Best(IMO) Modded Dramatic Intros and Finishes for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Specifically, I put in the MODS which I felt were decent/good/well done, to be in this video. This video takes into account Season 1 & Season 2.


    Evil Saiyajin(Hell Stage)

    Lean(SSJ Bardock, SSJ Vegeta, SSJ4 Xeno Gogeta)
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    Saitsu(SSJ4 Goku, SSJ3 Goku, Krillin W/ Sunglasses, Nappa W/Hair). Zankye Gaming helped w/SSJ4 Goku


    Reaver63+Lean(SSJ Vegito)

    HyperAzzy(Mecha Frieza)

    Toppo(Golden Frieza Color)

    Sonic Brawler(100% Frieza)

    BombaBlake13(SSG goku)

    EdwardVSGaming(Goku W/o Weights, SSJ4 Gohan)

    Mastaklo(SSJ4 Broly, Xeno SSJ4 Broly,DBS Trunks)

    Naxshi( GohanGoku Colors Costume)

    Ultima647 (Golden Cell)

    Adam(Fused Zamasu)

    Wolfy76700(Clone color of Yamcha)


    *Important Note: If I forgot to credit someone, PLEASE Let me know ASAP in the comments section, so that I may update the description and give them credit*

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  • The PR

    The PR

     3 months ago +516

    Ok let's have a discussion on English Vs Japanese in this game. There are many points where the English dub is bad. Bardocks dramatic finishers have the weakest screams in history. Goku in japanese sounds like a grandma. Japan Jiren is miles better than English Jiren just because he puts more OOMPH in his lines, and english trunks has always sounded whiny to me. Then again most of the Japan voices just don't do it for me. English Freeza is amazing while I'm not a huge fan of the Japan version. What I'm trying to say here is, there is valid reasons to prefer one version to another and there are cons.

  • Angelo Lorwa

    Angelo Lorwa

     5 days ago

    Last one is the best by a mile

  • sonic the hedgehog

    sonic the hedgehog

     7 days ago

    Ojalá yamcha hubiera echo eso pero es un debil

  • Real name Not a

    Real name Not a

     7 days ago

    Nappa with hair scares me

  • Minecraft Nibba123

    Minecraft Nibba123

     7 days ago

    6:13 then skip two times if you have the 10 second TIME SKIP 6:32


  • SonicRushGaming Azazel

    SonicRushGaming Azazel

     14 days ago

    Let's be honest, these aren't mods, they're just remodels or skins. A mods would be like a complete moveset change.

  • The Firesword Dragon

    The Firesword Dragon

     14 days ago

    Anyone from the Tournament of Power (and only that, obviously not counting Super Dragon Ball Heroes) sounds better in Japanese. But everyone else is WAY BETTER in English! How many times would you say you want Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat over their Japanese versions? And English Frieza straight is better. In fact, I can't even believe why Piccolo in Japanese sounds young or whatever. The English one is hundreds of miles superior. Pretty much anyone from English DBZ is superior to Japanese DBZ. Especially characters like Goku, Cell (god bless English Cell and his iconic voice, and his habit of going completely off script in video games (hint, Xenoverse 2)), Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin.

  • mr jackaboss

    mr jackaboss

     21 days ago

    Basically differnt forms

  • Ivon Perez

    Ivon Perez

     28 days ago

    Why is broly in super saiyan 4 that was not in the game........😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Бог Войны Кратос

    Бог Войны Кратос

     28 days ago

    6:45 just look at the cell face



     1 months ago

    2:05 CLONECHA

  • Yugi


     1 months ago

    5:13 It's not looking official, look at this transition, I even shuddered seeing.

  • Thomas Parent

    Thomas Parent

     1 months ago

    Montage 👎

  • The Dark Billion

    The Dark Billion

     1 months ago +1

    Song in this clip pls

  • kirb/kerbe boi

    kirb/kerbe boi

     1 months ago +2

    tbh Frieza vs. Bardock would’ve been perfect if Frieza turned Golden during both of his Frieza vs. Bardock dramatic finishes whiles Bardock turns SSB if he wins his Dramatic Finish-

  • Slayer Playz

    Slayer Playz

     1 months ago

    Yamacha is weak asf

  • Jotaro7642


     1 months ago +3

    4:34 pause the vid, and look at this manz face. I was laughing for three minutes straight. Same thing at 6:48

  • The AnimatorGuy

    The AnimatorGuy

     1 months ago

    Honestly, the Japanese voice actors put more energy and feeling into their lines.

  • Tyree Watts

    Tyree Watts

     1 months ago

    Omni god Goku here’s link sike

  • Tyree Watts

    Tyree Watts

     1 months ago

    Anybody know about mystic gohan like if you do