Top 15 Scary Moments Caught On Camera

  • Published on:  Sunday, June 16, 2019
  • Here are newsflares scary moments caught on camera. From insane flash floods to terrifying landslides. These guys and girls had lucky escapes!

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  • Newsflare


     5 months ago +314

    Check out our new compilation: Top 21 Incredibly Fast Workers

  • Fox Nise

    Fox Nise

     17 hours ago

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  • Fox Nise

    Fox Nise


  • zSma


     2 days ago

    3:36 what an idiot

  • Kezevituo Sote

    Kezevituo Sote

     2 days ago +1

    They move the camera so much I m getting a headache

  • Jordan World

    Jordan World

     2 days ago

    Its scary

  • kreety mgr

    kreety mgr

     2 days ago

    2:32 when she says she’s home alone🙄😂

  • CC Robinson

    CC Robinson

     2 days ago

    this vid was posted on my birthday

  • Owain Williams

    Owain Williams

     3 days ago

    When the tower fell it was kinda satisfying

  • Alistair Marsh

    Alistair Marsh

     3 days ago

    You need a bigger boat ....Scary (shark clip)

  • RandomWeek


     3 days ago

    1:34 no way dude
    Imagine you're that situation goshhhh boy

  • 飯米


     4 days ago +2

    Omg im so sorry but i cant stop laughing at the soldiers😂

  • chucky cromers

    chucky cromers

     4 days ago

    Wanna see idiot people..go to India..Hahahahaahahahaaaaa

  • SamTheSwift Gg

    SamTheSwift Gg

     5 days ago +1

    3:50 the biker is a retard

  • Rocky Bhai

    Rocky Bhai

     5 days ago +1

    How many of you feel that other tank also falling

  • cuty payel

    cuty payel

     5 days ago

    50 was quite funny😳

  • Terrible Darts

    Terrible Darts

     5 days ago

    meanwhile me at home

  • Bijaya Behera

    Bijaya Behera

     6 days ago


  • Srividya Vedagarbha

    Srividya Vedagarbha

     6 days ago

    In India ???

  • 卩尺ㄖㄒ乇ㄩ丂


     6 days ago +1

    You know it’s a good video when it’s a “Top 15” and it’s only 4:39. Like, I swear to god, those 20 min videos just kill me.