Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Mod Vegeta (23 Transformations)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 1, 2018
  • Après Goku on retrouve évidemment son ultime rival Vegeta avec ces 23 transformations

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    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot : https://www.getclip.net/view-Uxz3VvykvnI/video.html
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    ►Tutos Xenoverse 2 : https://www.getclip.net/view-bESR-q39xDs/video.html
    ►DB FighterZ - SDBH World Mission - Jump Force : https://www.getclip.net/view-Varb3awdz0Q/video.html

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/eN6QPzBQJj0


  • Rosana Perez

    Rosana Perez

     6 days ago +2

    I like vegeta

  • anna maree

    anna maree

     21 days ago

    Dose ssjg in the ssjs like ssj,ssj2,ssj3,ssjg and got to get ssjb and yea

  • Peyton Power X

    Peyton Power X

     1 months ago

    two things one thank you I'm getting a computer for Christmas and i always wanted to try mods so thos will be my first pick thanks so much I'm gonna have a lot of fun with these mods if you have any other mods that would be AWSOME to play let me know pls and two

    0:58 what's that song again
    and this 4:05

  • Los Chicos

    Los Chicos

     1 months ago

    Ojo en la persona de Dragon Ball

  • Kaua Gamer play

    Kaua Gamer play

     2 months ago

    salut je voudrais vous apprendre à installer ces mods s'il vous plait

  • Maria Quiroga

    Maria Quiroga

     2 months ago +1

    Algien en 2019

  • BlackWarrior


     9 months ago

    Trash mod

  • xXDarkMaulXx 841

    xXDarkMaulXx 841

     11 months ago +2

    Végéta l akaishin

  • Ur meat is not beaten properly

    Ur meat is not beaten properly

     11 months ago

    Do an mod transformation of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Ultimate 5 Ultra Instinct Fused With Beerus or Zeno

  • Kyle GD

    Kyle GD

     a years ago

    This makes me want to get the game SOOOO FUCKING BAD

  • KillerGameplaysYT


     a years ago +1

    0:56 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Afnan Qureshi

    Afnan Qureshi

     a years ago +1

    Is this available in english too??

  • Xyco sy

    Xyco sy

     a years ago +2

    J’ai xenoverse 2

  • MENO


     a years ago +1


  • •H a I s E K u N•

    •H a I s E K u N•

     a years ago


  • Son Goten

    Son Goten

     a years ago +1


  • SomeDude WhoDraws93

    SomeDude WhoDraws93

     a years ago +1

    i luv the idea of hybrid forms like SSJ3 mixed with SSJR

  • hero hero

    hero hero

     a years ago +1

    super saiyan blue where is he

  • PLAYRARCK hard word

    PLAYRARCK hard word

     a years ago +3

    24 transformstions broly
    Aviso não dou inglês

  • Norma Childress

    Norma Childress

     a years ago +2

    Nobody asked but, all ssj5 is just ssj3 hair in the back and ssj4 hair in the front. Also with gray color.