Border Agents Search For Hidden Drugs at Gatwick Airport | Customs

  • Published on:  Monday, July 29, 2019
  • Border agents suspect that a woman has brought in cocaine from Trinidad and is trying to smuggle it into the country. Security dogs have sniffed out the bag, now all the border agents have to do is find the hidden contraband. What are they going to find?

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  • winniem1989


     15 minutes ago

    please, these people know exactly what they are doing...

  • Anti Stars

    Anti Stars

     46 minutes ago

    I feel so bad she got caught :(

  • Ormillar Deolall

    Ormillar Deolall

     2 hours ago +1

    Trini again 🤣🤣

  • StringedBeast


     2 hours ago

    You'd think if he was a dildo enthusiast the officer would be just as intrigued and fascinated.

  • Shaniya Xo

    Shaniya Xo

     2 hours ago

    If the guy was white they would never of thought he could be a terrorist smh

  • Shaniya Xo

    Shaniya Xo

     2 hours ago

    10 years for drugs .. wtf that’s too much

  • Alexander Lundberg

    Alexander Lundberg

     2 hours ago


  • Benjamin Durgin

    Benjamin Durgin

     3 hours ago

    That red phone situation was dumb!!!

  • isbsey


     3 hours ago

    The strange man is probably a geeky plane spotter. His relatives probably pay for his trips to keep him happy..... But, better safe than sorry!!

  • Melvin Antony

    Melvin Antony

     4 hours ago

    Juice wrld

  • JamaicaSound79


     4 hours ago

    They just found the Sheldon of air

  • silverstreetman


     5 hours ago

    Why would they destroy such cigarettes? Why would not they sell it! In illegally brought legal goods section in airport?

  • Cid Carrera

    Cid Carrera

     5 hours ago

    The sign should be bigger and clearer. It’s tiny.

  • Samman Bhattarai

    Samman Bhattarai

     7 hours ago +1

    3:15 blurs the face, forgets to blur the id 😂

  • Elenaki Otinane

    Elenaki Otinane

     10 hours ago

    Where is the next episode ? I want to learn what happened with the Bangladesh guy

  • Nick Thorp

    Nick Thorp

     10 hours ago

    @13.00 Bangladesh Flying 3 lions script!

  • Ivona Strukar

    Ivona Strukar

     12 hours ago

    Dude...what can I tell you.I just like fucking planes m8,doesn't make me a criminal

  • XxHyJyNxX


     12 hours ago

    7:49 - Thanks Mr.Announcer for talking completely over their interaction.

  • Benjamin Pierce

    Benjamin Pierce

     13 hours ago

    "As you can see we clearly have a sign" pulls out magnifying glass

  • KiingHenry


     15 hours ago

    They need to make the show so that people aren’t talking over each other