S-400 Sale to India - Implications for Pakistan.

  • Published on:  Saturday, October 6, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/d_5VrrG1A9o


  • Najaf Agha

    Najaf Agha

     3 days ago

    Tea is fantastic once said by some Indian guy Abhi Nandan

  • AliAleena 55

    AliAleena 55

     1 months ago

    S 400 kitni der chale ga 36 40 misile gira le ga bad me khali zamin pr he tabha kar dne ge

  • Lal bihari Rai

    Lal bihari Rai

     1 months ago

    When it comes to Pakistan and Islam you people have millions of Maulana"s who can teach Islam to the Arabians Maulana"s also. Something like teaching own father how to fuck. Trust me there are many Hindu Indians here and they would have been by any chance took birth in Pakistan he would have been more nationalist as a Pakistani then me as an Indian or you people would have been more Muslim in terms of intensity and I would have been a less Hindu in terms of religion.

  • Biplab Deb

    Biplab Deb

     1 months ago

    India, Russia is a friendly relationship,India, Russia ka bich s-400 ka deal ho raha hai toh tum Pakistani bhikari logo ka gaand kyun jal raha hai madarchod

  • ashu negi

    ashu negi

     2 months ago +1

    Catsca is joke India will never buy fighter planes for america , america is only for transport planes and some helicopter so majority is Russia we arent afraid of catsca

  • Pankaj Singh Pankaj Singh

    Pankaj Singh Pankaj Singh

     2 months ago

    Pakistan Randi hai chod chod kar Mar gayi

  • Suraj Mall

    Suraj Mall

     3 months ago

    Pakistani ladkiya bhut Randi banti hai Delhi me bhut si hai

  • Newhistory


     3 months ago

    Religion always leads to war...our relationship is bad coz of it...Modi in India came to power due it though he is not qualified....we both countries losing coz of it.

  • Deepak Das

    Deepak Das

     3 months ago

    Magnificent thank brother



     3 months ago +1

    Bangladesh is more develop and optimum foreign exchange Reserve greater than poor Pakistan🐒🐒🐒🐮🐮🐮🐷🐷🐷

  • Rahul Chawla

    Rahul Chawla

     3 months ago

    Pakistan is obsessed with India. This obsession has destroyed your country. Your army is fooling the people of Pakistan.

  • Gurjinder Singh

    Gurjinder Singh

     3 months ago

    Pak. Ka. 10. Tukra. Karna. Ki. Tiyari. Kar. Li. Ha. ,,,

  • hell bird

    hell bird

     3 months ago +1

    sir aisa kehna to nahi chaiye..ap senior ho..lekin with due respect aap chutiya ho..

    har desh pakistan se upar h..poori duniya me bas ek hi desh chutiya h or wo h pakistan



     3 months ago

    Empirical analysis

  • HinduWarrior HinduWarrior

    HinduWarrior HinduWarrior

     3 months ago

    India has always gone extra mile for its friends, India can fight with anybody for its friends. Pakistan should give up this hate India mindset and get rid of Kashmir obsession. India has very good relations with all its neighbours except pakistan. India will continue to develop and grow and it helps its friends and neighbours to grow along with it, while China only uses neighbours for its evil designs to grab others' land.

  • Raju Gowda

    Raju Gowda

     3 months ago +1

    You need brains, not to mess with INDIA.

  • Julie Dmello

    Julie Dmello

     3 months ago

    1.Pakistan having Islamic phobia,do they will not come out of it.
    2.Pakistan is a begger country it will go where it get funds
    3. Pakistan is jealous of India and it's progress

  • Kuxh thakur

    Kuxh thakur

     3 months ago

    India ka comparisons America ki jawan wife se kr ra hai....Pakistan kya hai be china ki randi

  • Debu Konwar

    Debu Konwar

     3 months ago

    Chal hat bhosdiwala....Sala terrorist ki dukan....bhikhari ki aulad.....Chinese ki naukar....aur duniya ki joker

  • L


     3 months ago

    Nepaul bolta hai ... Joker