Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 Free Update IS OUT!

  • Published on:  Monday, December 17, 2018
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 Free Update IS OUT video just basically letting you all know the knew dlc is here and showing you guys some of the things that have come with the dlc 8 free update as well but let me know your hype for this update down below in the comments!

    Reaction Channel: https://www.getclip.net/sour-UCp_5SaZkHPAsMt3Pgi9QNOA

    Intro Made By: DBZenkai - https://www.youtube.com/DBZenkai1

    Intro Song: Creed by Türküm & EBEN - https://soundcloud.com/allbassnation/turkum-eben-creed …
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cuf-6q11XC0


  • Super saiyan Cabby28

    Super saiyan Cabby28

     a years ago +107

    Its fairly late and im also testing some of the new things out so I wont be on comments like usual but I will check them later be sure to let me know how hyped you are! #cabbysquad

  • distrust sans 1245

    distrust sans 1245

     9 months ago

    How is it a dlc if it's free

  • Luis Chamu

    Luis Chamu

     11 months ago

    So how come i see people buying dlc 8 but for me it doesnt show up to buy it

  • Super Dark

    Super Dark

     a years ago

    So is that the last update or they will keep updating it

  • Jon Jon phenomenon

    Jon Jon phenomenon

     a years ago

    What about that photo mode

  • abrahamforce


     a years ago

    Let me know when a real update comes, no more shittie game plays! What about some offline tournament? What about put the Fight Mode directly on the main menu? What about a new Fight Mode like Pick Up 5 Characters VS 5 Characters one on one like previous games? What about fix that Dashing Crap? What about allow all Transformations on every character, not separately? Come on Namco Bandai Guys, don't bring bull shit!!!(Sorry About my language).

  • Ignacia Alberto

    Ignacia Alberto

     a years ago

    Ive been playing fifa so much that i forgot about dbxv2

  • Cyber Fire

    Cyber Fire

     a years ago

    I just got this notification what the hell you tube I mean already saw the video when it first came out but I keep getting notifications for videos that came out days ago you tube needs to fix these notifications

  • OG Nakada

    OG Nakada

     a years ago

    It is free

  • Phillip Gillespie

    Phillip Gillespie

     a years ago

    I have done the update but all I have is the crystal raid. No new characters or parallel quests. What the heck is up? Anyone with any ideas for PS4?

  • Light Skinned Rasta

    Light Skinned Rasta

     a years ago

    How or when do we get to replay old raids???? I want my Fused Zamasu Wig lol

  • Tk Cross

    Tk Cross

     a years ago

    I may have seen u in online lobby- Oof

  • Sam Yargo

    Sam Yargo

     a years ago

    Love your content; keep up the good work and reporting.

  • GrayedOut


     a years ago

    I haven't played X2 since last summer, and coming back just in time for this?

    The hype is
    R E A L

  • Robert Shum

    Robert Shum

     a years ago

    I checked the store and I don't see the option to install it for free (since I bought the Extra Pass). Can anyone give me a suggestion on what I can do to avoid paying for this content twice.

  • I will be

    I will be

     a years ago

    I just hate your voice 😭

  • gayboi farti

    gayboi farti

     a years ago

    Anyone know about the goku and vegeta with their coats from the broly trailer are they in the game or no just asking

  • Blake S.

    Blake S.

     a years ago

    Wait im confused how do i get Final form mira demigra and merged Zamasu?

  • Mega Latios Scrivner

    Mega Latios Scrivner

     a years ago

    Bro there are 3 locked characters in training mode I want them

  • Starr F8

    Starr F8

     a years ago

    Does anyone knows how to get the bikini I played the Raid Mode all day and nothing I checked the Timespace Delivery And The TP Medal Shop and even put 18 and Videl as my mentors please just wanna know & they don't even Tell you how to get it