Xenoverse 2 Top 5 Things DLC 8 Needs Too Bring Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Back!

  • Published on:  Monday, October 8, 2018
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 Top 5 Things DLC 8 Needs Too Bring Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Back video going over the 5 different things dlc pack 8 could bring to dragon ball xenoverse 2 that will help bring this game back and as I mention the netcode fix is huge of course but as far as content these are the things I would love to see added in the next upcoming xenoverse 2 dlc pack 8!


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  • Ifteharul Haque

    Ifteharul Haque

     a years ago

    Ultra instinct for all CACs?

  • Heysteely


     a years ago

    what'chou doin... putting inbetweengamer in ur thumbnail

  • Darwin Waterson

    Darwin Waterson

     a years ago

    Ssr trunks?

  • Warren Gist

    Warren Gist

     a years ago

    Ssjg and ssjb should work like Ssj does where u go from ssjg, ssjb, then ssjb kaioken and then do the Vegeta version where u get ssjg, ssjb, ssjb evolution. Add Ssj rage and ssj2 to future ssj. The other races can have a god ki and ultra instinct awoken skill just with some visual adjustments to make them different like Saiyans get the white hair, humans get a unique variation on the omen look and so on

  • James P

    James P

     a years ago


  • mrsstone817


     a years ago

    Well T.O.P came true

  • Solja87


     a years ago +1

    They cud give earthlings master roshi's transformation because earthlings have the worst awakening.

  • Sincere Latimer

    Sincere Latimer

     a years ago

    More accessory slots and more hair styles

  • Sincere Latimer

    Sincere Latimer

     a years ago

    Moving sayain tails and spiky ssj hair

  • Trey-Heru


     a years ago

    Transforming from Ss3 to God they need to add that

  • Darth JarJar

    Darth JarJar

     a years ago

    I want a new majin body type like a super Buu or buu-han for the male body type

  • Dark Shinzilla

    Dark Shinzilla

     a years ago

    More frost demon transforms pls😭😭😭😭😭😤 we all so need new fighting style we need to fix frost demon combos

  • Alex Bradley

    Alex Bradley

     a years ago

    They should make it where you can learn the combos of ai characters, and then while you’re standing you’ll stand like them and fight like them. I hate the custom character combos.

    Dyeable wigs
    The hairstyles in this game are terrible and the wigs are the only thing that really look nice besides the Gohan hairstyle, also I wish there was a switch that would allow the wigs to change into super saiyan colour
    So if you have ssgss goku wig and you dye it black, and you turn the switch on that says “change colour with transformation” it would look a lot nicer.

    Aura colour changes
    I think base auras should be able to be almost any colour, and normal super saiyan should be able to be either gold or green (like broly) the aura for ssgss should be able to be changed to goku blacks rosé colour or blue or even red for normal super saiyan god.

  • black risotto

    black risotto

     a years ago +1

    It needs to give a kid size option for human and saiyan cacs (like kid trunks goten etc.) in the free update obviously.☺

  • Zeke HD

    Zeke HD

     a years ago

    Spiky hair when you transform

  • Drew Gaming

    Drew Gaming

     a years ago

    Yo cabby all races should have a mode call rage like lord beerus get when he's pissed

  • Daquan Thomas

    Daquan Thomas

     a years ago

    We need new hair styles like goku and we need hair transformation and we need new transformation like ssj4

  • ToxicGod *

    ToxicGod *

     a years ago

    How about super villain transformation?

  • Mr. Eevee

    Mr. Eevee

     a years ago

    I just want my hair to change when I go super saiyan and have the option of having a different base aura LOL

  • Nothing


     a years ago

    t.o.p story and parallel quests
    destroyer toppo with dyspo with super lightening speed mode awakening

    of course gotta add ssj4 and ssbk10x and ssbe
    customs auras
    And lastly atleast new god of destruciton characters