DBXV2:Gogeta&Vegito Special Quotes[DBS-DBZ-DBGT]

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Make sure to give this video a LIKE! This takes into account Special Quotes/Unique Dialogue with, SSJ Gogeta,Base Vegito, SSJ4 Gogeta,SSB Vegito, and SSB Gogeta

    In this case, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta interacts with
    Full Power Broly
    SSB Vegetto
    Adult Gohan
    Omega Shenron

    Please click on english CC! I'm using the PC version and for some reason, Gohan says his line in Japanese, instead of english. i had to go into the parallel quest to figure out what he said. For people curious, it's "You're my dad and Vegeta fused? You must be unbelievably strong! I need to stay on my guard!

    From DLC Pack 8/Extra Pack 4
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  • Plzkillme _

    Plzkillme _

     a years ago +434

    The questions is which one is better fusion?
    1)for mortal,it last for 1hr
    2)if both user are so strong and created ultimate warrior like vegito blue,the potara can't maintain the fusion cause can't handle the power.thus,decreasing the time limit and making the potara useless if the both users are too powerful.
    3)in manga,the potara can't even handle vegito blue Final Kamehameha and even vegito can't finish the ultimate move cause the potara automatically separate him.
    1)the dance last for 30mins
    2)in dragon ball gt,gogeta 4 got separated really fast cause the form is too powerful but remember it's non-canon.
    3)in the latest movie(canon),the dance can handle gogeta blue form very well until it's actual time limit(30 mins).however,potara can't even handle vegito blue form until it's original time limit.
    4)F*ck...even the dance can handle gogeta blue ultimate attack when gogeta blue launch the most powerful Kamehameha without getting gogita blue separate.

    Conclusion,If gogeta and vegito put to Battle against each other.Gogeta will win.
    Edit:ik they are equally powerful this is about fusion optimization and efficiency.

  • LoopedCat


     21 days ago

    4:27 Gohan got so impressed and intimidated that he switched languages out of shock

  • LEGEND demon

    LEGEND demon

     28 days ago

    Me: fused zamasu is a half god half mortal

    My mind: fused zamasu is a gortal

  • Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe

     1 months ago

    I can hear more Vegeta in Vegito & I can hear more Goku in Gogeta

  • quick Nick

    quick Nick

     1 months ago

    Tch what a troublesome question, when your wide open you get hurt it doesn't how wrong your are. Oh maybe I was giving you a handicap. Who here would fuse with someone if they could besides me and how?

  • Theamz


     2 months ago +2

    3:07 - 3:17
    Talking crap about yourself I see.

  • The Meme God

    The Meme God

     2 months ago

    The goten and trunks conversations, if you play super saiyan bargain sale with ssj gogeta, they will say that exact same dialogue

  • Bhoke The Regicide

    Bhoke The Regicide

     4 months ago

    I m immortal and can’t be defeated

  • Tyler Fouquet

    Tyler Fouquet

     4 months ago +1

    4:32 dimps go back to Sonic

  • Amir Cartoon Studio

    Amir Cartoon Studio

     5 months ago

    SSJ Gogeta kinda sounds like a jerk a lil, Vegito sounds more ‘caring’ I guess..

  • Super Sonic Duo

    Super Sonic Duo

     5 months ago +4

    I love how Gogeta(Super Saiyan) is way nicer than Vegito about the whole "Dad" confusion and when Gotenks tries to smack talk.
    It's wholesome.

  • YuriOnEdge


     6 months ago +3

    5:09 Why is Gogeta copying Vegito?

  • supersmashbro596


     6 months ago

    no dialogue between gogeta and vegito blue. laaame!

  • Rodney Jackson

    Rodney Jackson

     6 months ago +3

    Gogeta scared the dub right out of Gohan

  • Turo Barukai

    Turo Barukai

     7 months ago

    What is ssgss gogeta hair color



     7 months ago

    What is this song
    I want to know ?

  • Nick McKay

    Nick McKay

     7 months ago

    I was really hoping gogeta blue and ssj4 Gogeta would interact but oh well

  • starwolf720


     7 months ago

    Can someone tell me the background music of this video please😭

  • Awesome X

    Awesome X

     7 months ago +3

    1:58 "You make fun of me!" smiles :D

  • T K

    T K

     7 months ago

    1:27 papibigddaddyvegito