Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 All DLC Pack 6 Animated Anime Cutscenes (Extra Pack 2 ENGLISH DUB)

  • Published on:  Monday, February 26, 2018
  • All the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 6 (Extra Pack 2) Animated Anime Cutscenes in English Dub! The animated anime cutscenes show Goku and Vegeta vs Fu, Jiren/Goku Black/Zamasu vs Future Trunks/Tapion, Dabura vs Fu, and Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku. Subscribe for more Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 6 (Extra Pack 2) footage in English dub http://bit.ly/animegamesonline
  • Source: https://youtu.be/bsXERIiBtbg


  • Dank Dex

    Dank Dex

     21 days ago

    When I seen jiren I was like trunks is fucked

  • Son Gohan

    Son Gohan

     a months ago

    How do you see these in the game

  • The Omega

    The Omega

     2 months ago

    I really wish the DBZ games had the same level of commitment for Voice acting as the anime

  • Nevayah Wilder TV and gachaverse

    Nevayah Wilder TV and gachaverse

     3 months ago +1

    Best Scene was the Ultra instinct one

  • Death Forest

    Death Forest

     4 months ago

    So how Does the cells from Mira and towa- Create a Childish teenager- Like how did Fu Even get that type of mindset- Literally he is Childish-
    Meh I still like him but like how does he get that mindset from Towa and mira's cells.

  • Сон Гоку

    Сон Гоку

     5 months ago

    Fu is Deadpool

  • Unrealistic Gamer

    Unrealistic Gamer

     5 months ago

    Bro I am not getting the time rift after the fight with Fu please help and I didn’t even got the ultra instinct cutscene

  • D. Rochelle

    D. Rochelle

     7 months ago

    Fu is like a teenager

  • Zack Maybe

    Zack Maybe

     8 months ago

    Fu is masakox

  • Wilhent[Zeke]


     8 months ago

    Go to 1:29 and Have Captions on

  • Lamhot Simamora

    Lamhot Simamora

     11 months ago

    Okay nobody goona ask how zamasu destroy universe 11 with jiren in there?

  • Awah Achiri

    Awah Achiri

     a years ago

    Hello, please I have the version 1.02 of xenoverse 2 where can I get the update or do I need to download an entire new game

  • Mr. Nutterbutter

    Mr. Nutterbutter

     a years ago

    Why do people still complain about lip syncing. They are putting english voices over a japanease clip. Of course it wont be 100% in sync

  • ProGTGaming 458

    ProGTGaming 458

     a years ago

    1 like for poor trunks!

  • Lion of the Blue Vale

    Lion of the Blue Vale

     a years ago +1

    Does anyone know the soundtrack in the beginning of the video?

  • Emiliano Gazcon

    Emiliano Gazcon

     a years ago

    So this is super dragon Ball heroes

  • Kobe Amaker

    Kobe Amaker

     a years ago

    Dbx2 dhould make an animation movie the game has good animations

  • Night Crowd Edogawa

    Night Crowd Edogawa

     a years ago

    Would’ve been epic if buuhan and dabura were fighting vegito at the same time and black is always epic

  • Supreme 420 Spratt

    Supreme 420 Spratt

     a years ago

    This video got 666 dislikes

  • Donovan So cool

    Donovan So cool

     a years ago

    Where is fuu from I know he ain’t from dragon ball z and super he looks familiar tho