Best of Brake Check Gone Wrong (Insurance Scam) & Instant Karma 2019 |Road Rage, Crashes Compilation

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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    ⚫ A compilation made with the best videos (brake checks and instant karma clips) uploaded on this channel in 2019. Hope you enjoy it:)

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    1. Live-Laugh-Love-Travel - --- Brake Check!!!
    2. Metalslug137 - --- Could this be Insurance Fraud? Road Rage Dash Cam
    3. Daves567 - --- Impatient driver brake checks a police car, instantly regrets it
    4. Bad Drivers of Chicago - --- Bad Drivers of Chicago #41
    5. Panhead Dude - --- Pay attn if Following Too Close - Watch for Brake Check
    6. ColoradoDashCam - --- Instant Karma: Driver run off Road by Front Loader
    7. Lightpaws Hird - --- Brake checking FAIL - Don't break check a truck
    8. - AwesomenessIskey --- J walking Pedestrian Instant Karma
    9. SanskritFritz - --- Dudál és lefullad a motorja - Beeps and stalls his engine
    10. Aaron Matthew - --- Baja Hwy 1
    11. Sanjay Beri - --- Instant Karma Near Oakville Hospital
    12. Eugene Tchornogalo - --- I played "check brake" Я сыграл в проверку тормозов
    13. TheHoodGuru - --- Instant Karma, Dude busted driving on the shoulder of 105 freeway in Hawthorne/Inglewood
    14. Bad Drivers of Baton Rouge - --- My truck's feelings were hurt.
    15. saabgt3 - --- Person almost causes huge accident, stops in the middle of the highway!
    16. k Kd - --- Road Rage "Brake Checking" Collision Aug 18th 2019 Markham
    17. Jason hewy - --- Instant driver karma
    18. BUSTER-MOBILE-ABQ - --- Instant Karma "Double-Yellow Jerk"
    19. Hamsterpower entertainment - ---- Road Rage Brake Check!
    20. Shabuti R18 - --- Brake Check & Wrecked
    21. Simion Agavriloaei - --- Poc - iesire pasaj Unirii spre tineretului
    22. Bad Drivers of Arizona - --- INSTANT KARMA: Car Blows Head Gasket on Freeway Cutting Off Traffic
    23. David Dang - --- Road rage - Brake check gone bad
    24. pete antonio - --- Attempted robbery? on I80 west New jersey anybody recognized this jeep?
    25. Disabled Gaming - --- CCTV / DURHAM,UK Guy Throws Brick At My Car - Brick bounces back and hits him in face Instant Karma
    26. A MAN HAS No NAME - --- Ottawa 417 Morning Spinout Crash
    27. Makoto Schoppert - --- Road Rage Instant Karma
    28. duncan osborne - --- 2 fools instant karma
    29. Emma G - --- DASHCAM - Morning Road Rage
    30. Carl B - --- LA I-20 Brake check causes motorcycle crash
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  • Dashcam Lessons

    Dashcam Lessons

     21 days ago +317

    Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @dashcamlessons
    Note that this is a compilation made with the videos i uploaded on this channel in 2019. So if you've been with me since the beginning of the year, you probably know all of these.
    The watermark still says "Viral Car Videos" because i didn't re-edit them, so the video took only 4-5 hours to make, compared to the usually 10+ hours of work.
    Happy New Year and drive safe!

  • Nox Onnyyxx

    Nox Onnyyxx

     13 minutes ago

    These idiots should have their license revoked and 10 years in prison for reckless endangerment.

  • Mystery D

    Mystery D

     16 minutes ago

    Holy fuck your spelling is atrocious.

  • Bumbleness Supreme Brady

    Bumbleness Supreme Brady

     24 minutes ago

    My two favorite times I've seen karma play was a guy turned on red on a 'no right on red' was lite up, cop came out of nowhere and pulled him over the second he did it (this is a very huge petpeeve of mine, I hate people not following traffic laws because its inconvenient) and one time a guy was driving like a jackass to get in front of me but I sped up to not let him, he floored it, and a cop pulled him over immediately.



     35 minutes ago

    Driver at 2:30: Does a dick move as well.
    This comment section. So you have chosen death as well.

  • KingSchwag 420

    KingSchwag 420

     53 minutes ago

    Dude that walking into the pole, I woulda rolled down my window and laughed so loud and hard at his douche bag ass. People are such cocksuckers and so entitled on the road.

  • Marc Rindermann

    Marc Rindermann

     56 minutes ago

    3:14 "call the police" and show them your video. Hopefully they'll suspend your licence for being a dickhead driver and moron

  • Marc Rindermann

    Marc Rindermann

     an hour ago

    the first driver is a dickhead and a moron. Dickhead for not letting people merge and moron for putting up the video on youtube.

  • Ryan Brooks

    Ryan Brooks

     an hour ago

    Well there are ass whole drivers out there gotta be careful.



     an hour ago


  • Mike Hutchinson

    Mike Hutchinson

     an hour ago

    first example...…….shithead in the right are coming on the highway, either get the hell out of the lane or recognize that you'll have to adjust your driving speeds to accommodate that.....beeping loud and long does absolutely nothing...they are already in front of you....noise will not change that.

  • Bazahaza


     an hour ago

    7:08 nothing wrong here just perfect efficient use of a roundabout. Normal here in the UK. Grit your teeth, look straight ahead, and go for it!

  • Jack Of Spades

    Jack Of Spades

     an hour ago

    All these cars just getting speed boosts to help eith fuel economy

  • stresser 123

    stresser 123

     an hour ago

    Insurance scam or reckless driving semi?

  • D Goody

    D Goody

     2 hours ago

    8:23 who is “his”?

  • Frodokeuh


     2 hours ago

    10:05 how the fuck can that car lose control like that on a straight line
    i've done countless emergency stop in my life and never lose control like that idiot...

  • Kelly126


     2 hours ago

    J walking is the most retarded law ever

  • KharismaVAC


     3 hours ago

    Man i wish dashcams were legal in my country

  • gulgul2006


     3 hours ago

    Is it coincidence or statistic that every person exiting their vehicle after just having deliberately cause an accident and then acting like the dashcam driver is the asshole...were black?
    Oh right, I forgot. It was an old white rich guy that set them up. CHOICE. That is the sum of a man. Not his skin, where he lives or the money in his pocket.

  • gulgul2006


     3 hours ago

    0:37 Boo on the cop for unsportman like conduct (not advertising identity) but AMEN on the fucking traffic porn that ensues!!! omg this is the BEST footage on youtube to date!!!
    1)tailgating - illegal
    2)right hand pass - illegal
    3)deliberate braking (inciting an accident, motor vehicle altercation) - illegal