Energy Crisis; incompetence of the Government

  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Energy Crisis; incompetence of the Government
    - Energy Crisis at a maximum.
    - Building the Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

    Host : Asfandyar Yahya
    Guest : Syed Asad Ali Shah (Associate Member ICMAP)

    Rights To Responsibility - EP 32 - 05 December 2018

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  • faceclutch


     a years ago

    Why are there so many DALIT INDIAN comments in the comment section? This is a Pakistani show. Go away DALITS.

  • Numan Ali

    Numan Ali

     a years ago

    What to do if dam is wastage money????🤔🤔🤔

  • Vidya Babla

    Vidya Babla

     a years ago

    The country called Pakistan needs to overhaul all its policies, internal & external !

  • brian lara

    brian lara

     a years ago

    If Baluchistan is made a independent country, then pak will be a land locked country like afganistan.

  • brian lara

    brian lara

     a years ago

    Kashmir ko india ka shukriya karna chahiye. Nahi to aaj woh pak ka hissa hota aur uska haal bhi pok & Baluchistan jaisa hota. Barbaric nomads

  • Karunesh Mishra

    Karunesh Mishra

     a years ago

    Regret kar rhe ho na india se seperate ho ke. Yahan ham India me 300 km road 1B rupee me bna rhe h

  • anand bhatt

    anand bhatt

     a years ago

    Pak increased exports of terrorism..the only florishing industry for pak..forget electricity, water, education etc..focus only on terrorism n Kashmir

  • Shiva Indian

    Shiva Indian

     a years ago

    Plz Pakistan focus on Kashmir...only 🤟



     a years ago

    Terroristan marega, terrorists ajayenge govt chalaenge like Taliban did in Afghanistan.

  • Atanu Mandal

    Atanu Mandal

     a years ago

    Its great for India to have a weak and foolish competitor like Pakistan....

  • Deepak Kumar Prasad

    Deepak Kumar Prasad

     a years ago

    Very good discription

  • Shambhu baba

    Shambhu baba

     a years ago +4

    जब आसिया बीबी के हाथ का पानी पीना हराम है, तो फिर लाखों हिंदुओं के नदी का पानी इस्लाम में जायज कैसे हो सकता है।पाकिस्तानियों को भारत का पानी पीना नहीं चाहिए।

  • ravi j

    ravi j

     a years ago

    kabhi kabhi
    pakistan me bhi
    samajdar log dikte hai
    jo kabhi hindu tha

  • Ramesh Malhotra

    Ramesh Malhotra

     a years ago +2

    You can export ATOM BOMBS ---to terrorists world wide

  • Krishnadasan K

    Krishnadasan K

     a years ago +1

    Soon we can expect a massive exodus of people from Pak to India due to bankruptcy of Pakistan

  • nilabh bhanushali

    nilabh bhanushali

     a years ago

    Very good interview
    Liked it the way host and guest answered the question

  • keshav Murthy Mahadevaiah

    keshav Murthy Mahadevaiah

     a years ago +3

    PAKISTAN is paying heavyily for it's initial blunders. The country foundation was improper. It invested heavily on ARMS to run over INDIA.

  • ram gopal

    ram gopal

     a years ago +4

    Electricity karni kya hai AAP logon ne .it's haram

  • Sandeep Sandhu

    Sandeep Sandhu

     a years ago +1

    I have no clue how I got here, however I now feel compelled to make a comment.

    The problem with Pakistan and it's government's , much like its present one is, they all blame the last one for all their problems. Pakistan has "never " given priority to basics and this government is yet again misleading with it's more rhetorical and UTurn claims and promises. Didn't this clown claim gimme 3 months and I'll bring Pakistan on track!!

    Pakistan doesn't have the liberty to think anymore, they have to act, but the problem is action requires money which Pakistan just doesn't have.

    Further more Pakistan has not much it can pawn on its already depleted options. And to make matters even worst, is chinese loan repayments hasn't even started, which will add billions to the already huge amount Pakistan can't service, for which Pakistan will not even earn ( hidden terms with Chinese loans, tax write off for the Chinese etc etc)... The present joker of a PM has agreed to the same arrangements ( new loans under CPEC BS) he bashed Sharif and his government for... And this is a pattern I don't see Pakistan getting out off. They all promise and then lie through their teeth and mislead their own people.. Sad..very sad.

    To put final nail in Pakistan coffin, Pakistans rupee is in a free fall, meaning it's economy is shrinking not growing especially when remittances and exports are taking the same route as it's currency. So where exactly is Pakistan gonna get money from in the future and how?? The magic wand Pakistan thinks it will have in CPEC is going to prove a massive disaster which will benefit the Chinese but enslave Pakistan.

    I have to ask imran Khan - why is loan with agreed terms and conditions ( supported by a clearly international dispute resolution mechanism) and keeping your sovereignity intact, so bad as compared to hidden terms and conditions loans ( if what the chinese give can even be called loans or should I call it exploitation) from China better?? He has painted a narrative as though IMF is a demon waiting to gobble Pakistan up!!

    Pakistan will have to follow extremely strict and dire austerity measures in order to make an attempt to pull it's economy out of deep waters.... If not ( and if Imran Khan and his government keeps playing this egoistical games) bankruptcy is written rather clearly for Pakistan.. And if that happens Pakistan can bid the miniscule sovereignity left.

  • Sumit Singh

    Sumit Singh

     a years ago +1

    Who cares we have nukes