Educational System of India.

  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • - Educational System of India.
    - Role of Private Sector to Provide Better Educational Opportunities.
    - What is the main issue and hurdle in the way of universal education?

    Host: Janat Ali Kamal
    Guest: Vandana Goyal (Chief Executive Officer Akanksha Foundation)

    Hindustan - EP18 - 04 January 2018
    Pakistan's First Internet Channel
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  • Saurav Sen

    Saurav Sen

     5 months ago

    Surprisingly no Pakistani will view this as this is in English

  • Venkat Tata

    Venkat Tata

     9 months ago

    Vandana knows very little

  • Venkat Tata

    Venkat Tata

     9 months ago

    Delhi Govt schools results are better than private schools

  • Dhruv Kalra

    Dhruv Kalra

     9 months ago

    It was heartening to know the Educational Development in India by Indians, through a Pakistan TV Channel.
    Thanks DBTV for excellent Program,for choosing excellent Indian Expert Vandana from Aakanksha.

  • Shyam Kumar

    Shyam Kumar

     10 months ago +3

    Seems like DBTV is a Pakistani propaganda tool.

    The anchor here - incorrectly - keeps referring to India as "Hindustan". It is as if India is defined only a land of and for Hindus. That is from the truth - and so the reference is not valid. In reality, more Muslims reside in India than in Pakistan.

    Refer to it as India (Republic of India - as our passport says) or as Bharat (if you so feel compelled). The right and correct way to refer to this country would be as 'India' - since it is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, secular country.

    In comparison - Pakistan - as per its passport is the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" - the only country in the world that is defined by a religion. Not even GCC countries like - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - refer to themselves as the "Islamic" Kingdom, etc.

  • osama butt

    osama butt

     10 months ago +1

    Good show janat ... Much appreciated

  • rajiv mistry

    rajiv mistry

     10 months ago

    Ye poki India ka programme Q karta hai