How big is India's Tourism industry?

  • Published on:  Saturday, September 22, 2018
  • With 29 states, 4,000 cities, a rich history and incredible diversity of culture, India’s travel and tourism industry has tremendous potential to serve as an engine for economic growth, job creation and development.
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  • Chikitsak Dehlimein

    Chikitsak Dehlimein

     14 days ago

    Indian Railway need to be geared up . Railway stations in Delhi need to be of world class. Starting of Tejas is a very good idea

  • Chikitsak Dehlimein

    Chikitsak Dehlimein

     14 days ago

    Best thing is our Prime Minister has firm belief that Tourism to India can create lot of jobs. Already Modi has done lot to create infrastructure and make our cities beautiful and elegant. Look at the way he lighted the Parliament and Rashtrapati Bhawan this Independence 2019

  • babita mahara

    babita mahara

     2 months ago

    Why do you lie that Buddha was born in India? Please, do research on it before giving false information about Buddha 😏

  • invincible will

    invincible will

     a years ago

    #Can anyone explain plzz how Bangladesh contribute 25% tourists in our tourism industry???

  • मानक हिंदी with MR Choudhary शुद्ध हिंदी

    मानक हिंदी with MR Choudhary शुद्ध हिंदी

     a years ago +1

    कृपया हिंदी में भी इसको अपलोड करें



     a years ago +3

    Beauty of india ❤

  • Pius Ranjan

    Pius Ranjan

     a years ago

    With 29 states (first sentence) . For anyone who doesn't know the govt has banned tourists for 7 Union territories . Because from Puduchery to Andaman and Nicobar there's nothing to see . Shame on you RStv the so called national channel .

  • Namokar Patil

    Namokar Patil

     a years ago +5

    it is best Indian tv channel

  • Vats N

    Vats N

     a years ago +2

    Plz upload in hindi also.

  • naptune cristal

    naptune cristal

     a years ago +7

    At least we should maintain sanitation at major tourist places, travelers often complain about it and also built the better infra at these Many countries tourism boomed by doing this.

  • manohar singh

    manohar singh

     a years ago

    Really we are incredible ,,,what a craziness in this video ,,,

  • raja hindustani

    raja hindustani

     a years ago +12

    Sir/madam is it possible that you can provide pdf of these types of topics. Bcoz these are vry much important from UPSC perspective.

  • Kiran Rathod

    Kiran Rathod

     a years ago +6

    We must stop hussle, disrespect, fishing, foreigners, we give them a world class fasility, fraindly environment, and life time good experiences, so they can come again?