FULL POWER AFTERBURNER Departure F35 at Volkel

  • Published on:  Saturday, May 28, 2016
  • Volkel 26-05-2016
    F-35 Lightning II
    Netherlands Air Force
    First Departure at Volkel

  • Source: https://youtu.be/XEpXh3vqdxI


  • jamie turnage

    jamie turnage

     23 hours ago

    nothing can out run a sr-71 black bird

  • Kim C

    Kim C


    Ja! 🇸🇪

  • broomsterm


     2 days ago

    Well, that F-35 certainly used up much less runway than the F-16...

  • tassili zinzla

    tassili zinzla

     2 days ago

    US did a lot of intentional civilian killing , with drones , choppers , artillery , tanks , snipers and even infantry , US killed 1.5 million civilians in it war in iraq and afghanistan for "war on terror" ??? they should fight themselves , because they are the real terror , they killed more than any country , but there is still some stupids who still believe in US government , and it lies over it civilians ! "they DON'T KNOW THAT US GOVERNMENT IS CONTROLLING EVERY MEDIA IN THE US AND EUROPE" and i quoted , the only reason they invade iraq is for oil , otherwise they can't continue their massive defense budget without free oil , afghanistan for drugs , yeah drugs , "THEY PRETEND TO FIGHT DRUG TRAFFIC IN AFGHANISTAN , BUT THEY DO NOT ".

  • 8alot4t


     2 days ago

    Aww! I would love to own a road worthy one of those!!!!

  • Stuart Garfatth

    Stuart Garfatth

     2 days ago

    A monumental political, manufacturing FAILURE!. This flying machine is an appallingly failed example of what politics, Government and Industrial consortiums combine to do. This flying machine is a failure, pure and simple.

  • vtsgb222


     3 days ago

    Is there a half power afterburner?

  • Mary Rafuse

    Mary Rafuse

     3 days ago

    The F-35 looks best in the air. It looks chunky on the ground. That said it is filled with great high tech! Unfortunately for Canada, a country with true wide open spaces, a twin engine F-35 type aircraft would be best. If the F-15 could be built with all the advantages of F-35 technology it would be the perfect air defence weapon for Canada. NORAD needs such an aircraft. Time to think seriously of a complete updating of the F-15 Eagle. Truly the greatest of them all.

  • M.J. Leger

    M.J. Leger

     4 days ago

    Truly WOW material, that Lightning bird! I love ALL fighter-jets, but IF I had to choose one, without regard of its purpose, I would probably choose the F/A-18F Super Hornet! But the F-35 Lightning is also a beautiful bird! And who doesn't love the F-14 Tomcat?! As a GA pilot, I got excited on the flight-deck of a B-747, but it would be astounding to be in one of those fighters, but ONLY if I had some g-training, because those guys will give you the ride of your life and you need to be able to handle it or you'll pass out, flip your cookies and you will NOT enjoy those side-effects! But it's difficult to even imagine what the power feels like behind the stick of one of those birds today, it HAS to be the most exhilarating thing in the world! I was in the Concorde years ago and the thing that amazed me the most was how dark purple the sky was at 56,000' but at higher? But no fighter jet for me without g-training and a flight suit as those fighter-jets today can shoot up to 70,000' in seconds!

  • bau


     4 days ago

    When Trump landede in his air force one the same sound whats happening??

  • bau


     4 days ago

    Demons talking???

  • bau


     4 days ago

    What happen to the sound??

  • Fei Fei

    Fei Fei

     4 days ago

    The design is ugly.....give me a f 16 any day

  • James Ruckman

    James Ruckman

     5 days ago

    The F16 and F15 are the finest in the world. The F35 is a money pit that still is not right.

  • Evan Finch

    Evan Finch

     6 days ago

    F-35 looks like Trump when hes sniffing.

  • Frank


     7 days ago

    3400 S-400 operators that can't even detect the F-35, disliked the video 😂

  • C.S.R


     7 days ago +3

    I see F-35’s everyday and they are the loudest jet EVER! Makes the F-16 sound like a mouse!

  • John Salvatore

    John Salvatore

     7 days ago

    I do have to say they are both but just remember it started with the f-14 tomcatI don't know what came after that whether it was the F-16 Fighting falcon or the f-15 strike eagle then the f-18 hornet gander super hornet and the cream of the crop has to go to the F-22 raptor bar none of all of our cats but looking straight on the F-16 is badass but she had her time time to relinquished the belt honey there's a new sheriff in town there's a few things I wanted to know why they changed in that question being why it only was designed with one engine in such short wings I cannot believe the computer calculate 400 billion calculations a second totally unreal

  • itsghost boi

    itsghost boi

     7 days ago

    Definitely F-16 a beautiful beast looks like a real killer

  • steel one

    steel one

     7 days ago

    The F-16 is a Ferrari and the F-35 is a Chrysler PT Cruiser.