"Irfan Khan Real Indian muslim" Shut Mouth Of Mualvi

  • Published on:  Sunday, July 31, 2016
  • Irfan Khan Shut Mouth Of Mualvi In Thenewshour with arnab goswami times now
  • Source: https://youtu.be/XD8Tgi68nFM


  • jaz Ala

    jaz Ala

     26 minutes ago

    Irfan khan islam yeh bhi nai sikhata gana bajana ..pahlay khud musalman toh banjao ..badmay muslim pay debate karo lol ..All gair muslim praising irfan ..but He is communist ..a hindu can b a hindu ..a muslim can b a muslim .but no 1 cant follow 2 religions at a singel time.. and the title and caption dekhlo 2 muslims k name he dala ..Apnay apnay ghar sambhalo bhaiyo yeh media salay sab bewakuf banatay hai

  • Peer G

    Peer G

     7 hours ago

    make a perfect statment

  • Muhammad Hammad

    Muhammad Hammad

     11 hours ago

    Very weak informative people.. I always find weak and weak logics when I see such shows... Try true ulema

  • Nataraja Bharatham

    Nataraja Bharatham

     22 hours ago

    When educated Muslims take on



     23 hours ago

    Molvi qaum ko kaho k phele doosre molvi ko ghalth na kaho phir awaam k pheechay paro.

  • shadab khan

    shadab khan


    What do you mean by REAL INDIAN ? You mean other muslims living in india are not real indians?

  • Subhash Thapa

    Subhash Thapa


    Irfan is very good man ......

  • Arjun Ghale

    Arjun Ghale


    Get that tasleem bhai out of this debate this kind of fellow does not deserve to b in such platforms

  • Arjun Ghale

    Arjun Ghale


    Love irfan khan great human being

  • Indian huminity

    Indian huminity


    Why irfaan khan come here to answer of nonsense quations..??
    Musalmaan me aur momin me fark hai Bhai ..!!




    Chutiye andhvishwaasi.. Bhaarat ko andhvishwaas ne dubaya..

  • Kish Reddy

    Kish Reddy


    Donot be proud.
    Be happy.
    Always replace the word proud with the word happy and witness the respectability the
    sentence carries.Pride denotes vanity.Even the great pandava BHEEMA could not get into heaven because of his pride.

    AS a fellow indian to another,with all due respect "YOU" have achieved nothing that milions of other people have not,
    when you say iam proud to be indian or iam proud to be hindu.

    Now replace the word proud with happy and see the difference in the above two sentences.
    Humility and being humble are more important than being proud even if you have acheived great many things or even
    if you helped millions of people.
    Being born in a particular(great india)country or born into a particular(perfect hindu)way of life should be a
    source of happiness but not pride because it was neither your achievement nor did you have a choice.
    Iam not trying to diminish or doubt your patriotism or sense of belonging,iam merely suggesting better words like love,
    honour and respect to be used in regards to one's country,religion or a way of life.
    instead of saying how proud u r to be andian, try saying jai hind or vande mataram which translates to
    long live india and Mother, I bow to thee respectively.
    thanks for understanding.

  • Vinod Nair

    Vinod Nair


    Maulvi will be like tume cancer hogaya hum sae the... Ye hai religion ka problem

  • Moiz Khan

    Moiz Khan


    Irfan should stick to acting and let the professional study what he doesn't have time to study. I wouldn't go to a Molvi to learn acting and vice versa.

  • IAmCPK



    All these religious bastards should be sent directly to hell

  • Night Bulletman

    Night Bulletman


    The darker skinned gentleman in the bottom right must be fun at parties. 😒

  • Swetlana Nandi

    Swetlana Nandi


    Irfan is in this level for a reason

  • Rohan Singh

    Rohan Singh


    But india Se musalmano ko nikal dena chahiye... Saale bht atank krte hai...

  • News 19

    News 19


    Very nonsense Irfan khan

  • रविन्द्र सनातनी

    रविन्द्र सनातनी


    इरफान खान मेरा फेवरेट है