It's Broken | Jentezen Franklin

  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • God is the ultimate strong man. He cast Lucifer from heaven with a flick of His finger. He defends the nations with His powerful arms. He created the earth with His mighty hands. No enemy can withstand His power and strength. When we feel trapped or bound, God is more than able to break the chains that bind us and set us free.

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  • Rosita Garcia

    Rosita Garcia

     3 months ago

    Powerful message! Thank you for not throwing in the towel when your family was struggling that gives me confidence in Christ to keep fighting for my family curses and generational curses end with me and my family! There is a difference between willful sin and family curses.

  • Diana Khan

    Diana Khan

     5 months ago

    So blessed by this message, thank you.

  • char sprog

    char sprog

     7 months ago

    It is broken devil in the Mighty Name of Jesus! I praise you King Jesus! Thank YOU Father God!



     7 months ago

    I am in AGREEMENT with this declaration IT IS BROKEN!

  • Nabria Post

    Nabria Post

     7 months ago


  • KimberlyD Garrett

    KimberlyD Garrett

     8 months ago

    Yes! Praise you Jesus! That was a powerful word from the Lord!

  • John 4:24

    John 4:24

     10 months ago

    The curse over my family and I is broken today in the Mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ ! Amen, It has troubled and tormented us for a long time. Thank You Father God for Your mercy and love. We are Free in the Name of Jesus.
    God bless this pastor and his ministry.



     10 months ago

    It is broken!

  • Peres Heisig

    Peres Heisig

     10 months ago +1

    Thank you Pastor its BROKEN in the Name of Jesus and ivwill Brake his arm and Take that sword Cat him down and all my issue which Satan was holding it will be Broken and Fall down and Never a gain Thank God for using God braking its arm by using hisFinger
    The Enmie was defeated he Fall and will be no where to be found a gain in my Eyes my famlly er are free and we will Save the lord all of our life we are property of the Lord Thank God the Devil didnt Brake our hand instead we have Cut all his Hand he will never stand up any more and Thank God who use Sword cut him he will never stand up any more

  • Angella Stephenson

    Angella Stephenson

     10 months ago +1

    as I listen to this prayer in faith I am standing in the gap for my son the hold of addiction and mental illness is broken in Jesus name.

  • Tomika Sales

    Tomika Sales

     10 months ago

    Hands on Me... I still have my sword!!!

  • Favour Julius

    Favour Julius

     11 months ago

    It's broken ♥

  • michael masamba

    michael masamba

     11 months ago +1

    In the name of Jesus my curses are all broken, I thank you for your preaching and for the lord helping me to get to know you pastor franklin. I am in Malawi and just received my lord as my savior and would want to know more and have more of his words in me and please help me pray that all my troubles I have to go away and I believe it will I want my body to be restored. God bless you.

  • motolovergurl Rider

    motolovergurl Rider

     11 months ago

    in jesus name the curse of my family will be broken,, god is powerful than the curse,, halleluja

  • sonali chavan

    sonali chavan

     11 months ago +1

    Saitans every plan,every curse has broken in the name of Jesus.... pastor your preaching is so graceful powerful and annoited....may God bless u abundantly......

  • Everlinda Bryant

    Everlinda Bryant

     11 months ago

    The curse has been broken towards my family and in my life, I ask this In Jesus Name, amen

  • Ama Owusu Boateng

    Ama Owusu Boateng

     a years ago

    Thank you servant of God for making the truth so simple to grasp. When God disarms, He disarms completely.

  • She Muronga

    She Muronga

     a years ago

    The curse is broken the stronger man Jesus is the head over my life



     a years ago +1

    Am richly blessed to receive this message 2019 IT'S BROCKEN AND I believe all chains of curses in my family and in my life are broken addiction is broken and am free in christ Jesus my Lord and savior Amen. May almighty God with his mighty hand take hold of this ministry🙏🙏

  • cecelia hayes

    cecelia hayes

     a years ago

    Thank you Jesus. The curse is broken.