DBS Broly Movie Pack: Goku & Vegeta (All Forms) SSG-SSB w/Additional Battle Damage Variations | XV2

  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie New Mod Pack Goku and Vegeta (Custom)

    Goku comes with a custom moveset and a custom super skill. Vegeta fires his new Galick Gun from the trailer with a new ultimate.


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    Music DBS Broly OST:

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    Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Transformation
    Goku-Vegeta (DBS) Transformations
    Broly (DBS) All Transformations
    Gogeta (DBS) All Transformations

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  • jt blazzed

    jt blazzed

     9 months ago

    Is that a new map?

  • DeadlyBomber Sh

    DeadlyBomber Sh

     9 months ago +1

    I don't see what was the point of blurring out the other characters faces at the start of the video...

  • despokemon ,

    despokemon ,

     10 months ago

    Now I want this mod on switch

  • diego zilla

    diego zilla

     10 months ago

    Why did u blur out the other forms

  • Jhon Lukas

    Jhon Lukas

     10 months ago

    0:25 song PLS???

  • Dark Assassin

    Dark Assassin

     10 months ago

    So like will anyone be able to help me on my xneoverse 2 please it says initskilldescs failed how do I fix that?

  • WaRr Akuza

    WaRr Akuza

     10 months ago


  • Magic god of destruction

    Magic god of destruction

     10 months ago

    OMG that is awesome

  • Mohib & Muneeb Mohammad

    Mohib & Muneeb Mohammad

     10 months ago +1

    Is this a mod?

  • nakayan


     10 months ago

    This is mod?

  • Gogeta _Blue

    Gogeta _Blue

     10 months ago

    I bought the broly pack and if the charecters get added to another pack ima be pissed if they even get added

  • El Saiyaman

    El Saiyaman

     10 months ago

    0:42 bug ssj blue

  • SonicThomasGamer's Channel

    SonicThomasGamer's Channel

     10 months ago


  • Zerch


     10 months ago +2

    It had me until SSG Broly
    Smh, Vegeta looking clean thoπŸ‘

  • Trunks Joestar

    Trunks Joestar

     10 months ago


  • Klowdz


     10 months ago

    Broly should never be given god Ki. He's not the type of person to learn that or figure out Ki control like that for that matter.

  • kahleb lasalle

    kahleb lasalle

     10 months ago

    Why did u cover all the other broly transformations

  • ηΎŽηš„β€•Sα΄€ΙͺΙ΄α΄›


     10 months ago +13

    1:37 I Never Freeze...

  • Nehemiah Ricks

    Nehemiah Ricks

     10 months ago

    these mods you make is just outstanding

  • Ssj Shu

    Ssj Shu

     10 months ago

    But the way you took control of the cpu WOAH WHAT A MOD