• Published on:  Thursday, July 27, 2017
  • ► The Reason I Didnt Use Potential Unleash

    EVERYONE LISTEN when I released this video it was BEFORE they revealed the front look of the ultra instinct form. I made this video on july 27th, at the time only the back look of goku new form was the only picture out. The front view of the form came out on august 17th!. I made this video when there was only the teaser poster of the form when goku back was facing us in that picture he had a REDISH AND BLUEISH AURA!!, Thats why i used a redish and blueish aura!!!! and there was a rumor his pupils were red so i made them red. Toei then changed the aura color to a blueish white color in the front look picture.

    The purpose of this video is to show you guys how you can LOOK somewhat like you have the ultra instinct form on consoles. THIS NOT I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A MOD OR APART OF A DLC SO IF THATS WHAT YOU THOUGHT THEN YOU ARE WRONG MY FRIEND. So dont comment “this is just kaioken with dragon burn” no duh buddy that was the whole purpose. I wanted to show you guys a idea i had that could make it seem like you had the form without using a mod.

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  • Generic GamingFTW

    Generic GamingFTW

     2 years ago +36

    Well, this is vanilla game stuff, but so much better than what dimps could do. Good job, nice video, and I subbed

  • Saiyan Mal207

    Saiyan Mal207

     7 days ago

    Im late buy does this still work

  • Megamanx5 Falcon

    Megamanx5 Falcon

     2 months ago

    Doesnt work with kaioken

  • Quashaun Williams

    Quashaun Williams

     6 months ago

    8 it 8

  • Questionable 07

    Questionable 07

     7 months ago

    And do you know where those modders get their resources? Bandai, and I think they'd all have to band together to make a game as good as xenoverse two every single one it is an ignorant thing to say that the modders do more than Namco Bandai, they have to work on other games they aren't free to do this stuff your bombarding them with.

  • Ryan Kennon

    Ryan Kennon

     7 months ago

    It's called ultra instinct

  • Sõn Gõkû 孫悟空神よ

    Sõn Gõkû 孫悟空神よ

     7 months ago

    Its called ultra instinct

    Ssj4 is limt breaker

  • Angel Eduardo Albahaca Sanchez

    Angel Eduardo Albahaca Sanchez

     8 months ago

    Actually, you could become better if you do the ssj rage glitch but with kaioken

  • Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia

     9 months ago

    This video is so fucked up you dam lied

  • Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia

     9 months ago

    It was stupid you lied that'll work

  • GrayGray washington

    GrayGray washington

     10 months ago

    I feel u bruh modders don't wanna give u nothing bruh

  • Shadow1Dragon 359

    Shadow1Dragon 359

     a years ago +1

    How to get Dragon burn

  • TSM_WhiteRavenXD


     a years ago

    That look dope

  • lil kountry

    lil kountry

     a years ago

    He still looked same

  • Mc Gamer

    Mc Gamer

     a years ago

    Pq 08

  • JAY plays

    JAY plays

     a years ago +2

    All you have to do is make your character with grey hair and grey eyes and you need potential unleashed

  • Yamoshi


     a years ago

    what volce did you use

  • my world ur world

    my world ur world

     a years ago +1

    Im one of ur biggest fan keep making more vids

  • Sandy i

    Sandy i

     a years ago +1

    You suck

  • I eat wafflez

    I eat wafflez

     2 years ago

    how aboutdragon burn and potential unleashed