DBXV2:Bardock Special Partner Quotes[DLC 6 STORY]

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Make sure to give this video a LIKE! This takes into account the Special Partner/Mentor Quotes for the story of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Depending on who you are partnered with, unique dialogue will occur in relation to your CAC/Avatar/Custom Character, or with the opponent.

    For this video, I decided to do Bardock. As you can see, he has a good amount of unique interactions. In Parts

    Mission 1: This is a bit tricky. He technically does have dialogue with SSJ4 Goku, however it doesn't trigger. It's in the direct voicefiles and is "unused audio". It's in the same folder where other characters react to the Super Saiyan 4's. Any modder worth their salt would also confirm this voice line

    Mission 2: an extended scenario with Bardock, Cell, and the other Androids. In this part, Bardock has a lengthy interaction with Perfect Cell, and at the end, both decide to fight each other

    Mission 3: Bardock has an interaction with Super Vegito and Videl

    Mission 4: Not much here. Bardock has an interaction with Zamasu and tells your CAC/Avatar that these guys are no joke

    Mission 5: Interaction with Bardock and Dabura + Demon God Demigra.

    I will continue to do more of these videos. More than likely 1-2x a week, since it's a lot to compile. No music in these videos, as I felt that it would take away from the video.

    Xenoverse 2 Partner Quotes Playlist: goo.gl/Ebw9Xo
  • Source: https://youtu.be/V61JKxrna-U


  • Janemba8000


     a years ago +68

    What character do you want to see next? Let me know here!

  • BBG.BabyTwin


     4 days ago

    Bardock and Future Gohan would be great buddies future this future that

  • natgal


     1 months ago

    ahhh why she msut be so much concrate

  • gkmk 9

    gkmk 9

     1 months ago

    Plus if u play xenoverse 1 then demegra is weak anyway

  • gkmk 9

    gkmk 9

     1 months ago

    Anyone from the past is weak cause there skills are not new at all that's a hint

  • Carrotsaredumb 777

    Carrotsaredumb 777

     4 months ago

    5:36 Bardock is happy being Goku's dad?!

  • Zyder 916

    Zyder 916

     4 months ago

    If bardock is back to his timeline after this Frieza is fucked

  • cringeyname


     5 months ago

    Why in most of Bardock’s lines does he say them backwards from how they’re shown on screen?

  • Oof Boi

    Oof Boi

     6 months ago

    Supreme Kai of time: you guys might run into Fu again!
    Fu: is standing right in front of her

  • NeoSonicStar


     7 months ago

    Fu is without a doubt, my favorite character in the any Dragon Ball games!

  • Jaelon Minor

    Jaelon Minor

     8 months ago

    really wanna just kick Fu in the dick so damn hard sometimes the rage when I hear his voice is like radiation enduced lava, I have lost 2 controlers and 1 copy of xenoverse 2 because of that whiny ass grape colored bastard

  • Comrade Adam

    Comrade Adam

     8 months ago

    I was kinda hoping Bardock would fight Frieza and get his revenge instead of fighting Demigra.

  • Ultamite Adam9000

    Ultamite Adam9000

     10 months ago +1

    That smile makes me wanna die



     11 months ago

    Don’t trust that laugh

  • 1Gutyt Aguliar

    1Gutyt Aguliar

     a years ago +1

    5:45 it says “compels me to destory you.” 😂

  • Xelocon


     a years ago

    Bardock: Hitting kids is an uncivillized action and they should be raised with care and respect.

    Fu: I F I T C A N C R A A A W L I T C AN B R A A A W L

  • Carmelo M Dillard

    Carmelo M Dillard

     a years ago +1

    Janemba8000 low-key thought u was yamcha at the beginning

  • Defense Revenge

    Defense Revenge

     a years ago

    "I'm Ready. Yeah."

    Oh god, Sonny does the best adlibs.

  • cooler cold

    cooler cold

     a years ago +1

    C'mon man FOCUS!!

  • Lil Zoly

    Lil Zoly

     a years ago +1

    Yamcha looks horrible

    Edit: That is not Yamcha.