China has agreed to lend at least $2 billion to Pakistan.

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019
  • - China has agreed to lend at least $2 billion to Pakistan.
    - China’s promise to Pakistan is an indication of their commitment to help us avoid a crisis.
    - Chinese Package to Pakistan and CPEC.

    Host: Nida Karim
    Guest: Yasir Masood (Deputy Director Centre of Excellence for CPEC)

    QK - EP152 - 02 January 2018
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  • Tez hai

    Tez hai

     10 months ago

    China occupied Pakistan 😀😀😀😀

  • Umesh Sahu

    Umesh Sahu

     10 months ago

    Abe bhikhari imran jo apni bibi ka o bhi 3--3 ka nahin hua toh Awam kiya hoga 50 lakh Ghar our 1 corror Naukri uska kya

  • Shams Hassan

    Shams Hassan

     10 months ago

    Most of the Indians commenting negatively is not so strange for me. Seems India is more interested in CPEC. Or at least they want to sabotage the process. India and Indians must learn to co-exist. They are also part of #BRI, dividends of prosperity shall be shared with entire region. Next century belongs to Asia, and south Asia is heart of Asia, all shall get their due share. So therefore Indians please be pragmatic, sane and calm. This is not against you. This is for entire region.

  • Zafar Iqbal

    Zafar Iqbal

     10 months ago

    Indians luli chus



     10 months ago

    Noticed long queues in front of building of Ministry of Industries & Commerce. All the top Industrialists such as Bill Gates, George Soares and even Donald Trump were spotted in queue.

  • Ravi Sharma

    Ravi Sharma

     10 months ago +1

    Good Lord!
    You speak blatant half-truths and total lies with a straight face with neither shame nor repentance. I think you do this because of the massive "INCENTIVES" and because the Pakistani masses are dimwits whom you guys feed with the daily propaganda brunch.
    Shame on you.



     10 months ago

    madrasa chaap analyst

  • TheDark Nite

    TheDark Nite

     10 months ago

    At least Pakistan can rely on friends like Saudi, China. We ain't alone like India.

  • aawoops


     10 months ago

    This man is classic liar

  • Infotronics


     10 months ago


  • Manoj Pandey

    Manoj Pandey

     10 months ago +1

    You people are best strategic thinkers in almost entire world.

  • Manoj Pandey

    Manoj Pandey

     10 months ago +4

    Now Pakistan is rich after getting USD($)= 12 from Saudi + 3 from UAE + 2 from China + 8 from IMF = 25 , Now can beat India very soon.

  • yash sandhu

    yash sandhu

     10 months ago +4

    Good for China. That's how to keep a bankrupt client state engaged. :p

  • Nilotpal Swain

    Nilotpal Swain

     10 months ago

    China will teach us, give us jobs, give us money, build roads and make us a little China !! What will you do ??

  • Ajit Mallick

    Ajit Mallick

     10 months ago +2

    Baddi Baddi bathe karna koi inse sikhe. 😃😃😃

  • Naresh


     10 months ago +1

    Wow again take loans from IMF, China, saudi, and IMF..

  • Vivek Singh

    Vivek Singh

     10 months ago

    China ne Sri Lanka, Maldives , Barmubuda,Kenya etc Ko bhi DEVELOP KIA,TUMHE BHI DEVELOP KREGA

    agar Chinese tum jaise chutiya Desh me industry khol dega ,,to Lakho Chinese unemployed ho jayega

    China is not fool

  • shailendra shailendra

    shailendra shailendra

     10 months ago +3

    U r basically, u have no mind