Xenoverse 2 New DLC 8 News! SSB Gogeta & DBS Broly Stats Leaked, Broly Transforms!???

  • Published on:  Saturday, November 17, 2018
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 New DLC 8 News! SSB Gogeta & DBS Broly Stats Leaked, Broly Transforms video going over the recent news leaked regarding dlc pack 8 and ssb gogeta as well dbs broly in dragon ball xenoverse 2 let me know your thoughts on the info we got tonight and how hyped it would be if dbs broly transformed!

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  • The Outcasts

    The Outcasts

     a years ago

    Broly has max health!!!

  • Jonathan Jimenez

    Jonathan Jimenez

     a years ago

    I wish they would've given his super Saiyan form when he still has that armor on at least, I hate it that they make broly so fucking huge and buff

  • Jonathan Jimenez

    Jonathan Jimenez

     a years ago

    It sucks that we didn't get kale at all or a legendary super Saiyan form..😒😒

  • Emperor Bennett

    Emperor Bennett

     a years ago

    Broly shoulda got either blaster meteor or a better evasive. Getting sick of instant ride and break strike on almost all the dlc characters as well as a majority of them having FPEW and FPEV... the energy wave and volley attack. That's lame

  • patton levon

    patton levon

     a years ago

    Will it be free with season pass

  • Carlous Parker

    Carlous Parker

     a years ago

    i just want +3 all positive qq bang or +5 all positive qq bang like xenoverse 1 and zsoul its like a super saiyan bargain sale for the transformations. haha lol

  • flaminHOTblaze


     a years ago

    Imagine they give us a stronger and faster broly cough cough vegeta speed cough cough BROKEN cough cough

  • DbzFriezaKiller


     a years ago

    But I thought Gogeta Blue was unconfirmed?? As far as I last saw it was just Gogeta Vs Broly.

  • blazercage


     a years ago

    To bad xenoverse 3 was cancel.

  • William Super sayain 3

    William Super sayain 3

     a years ago

    uilmate name for #1540

    super kamhemameha

  • Philociraptor 13

    Philociraptor 13

     a years ago

    I really hope that if they make it to where Broly can transform as you play as him that they don’t make the transformation run out like they did with super saiyan his super saiyan

  • Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower

     a years ago

    Xenoverse is about to blow up again after this update

  • cyberstorm 2.0

    cyberstorm 2.0

     a years ago

    Almost 100k congrats

  • Tx12001


     a years ago

    Si how does it compare to non-canon Broly?

  • Justpops23


     a years ago

    Best combos using underrated characters

  • MXALove


     a years ago +1

    The thing with DLCs in this game is they will only add their final form. We won't be getting Broly in any other form but his final one. The only ones that weren't in their final form was Jiren and Future Trunks, only because Bandai won't wait until the officla release is out.

  • TheFallenLegend


     a years ago

    Just give us SSB Evolution Vegeta and Full Power Jiren or God of Destruction Toppo

  • Crystalx Oof

    Crystalx Oof

     a years ago

    I hope we get broly clothes

  • Baha Atauna

    Baha Atauna

     a years ago +2

    Yo!,they will give us legendary super saiyan transformation and its even powerful form!

  • Zamasu_rose


     a years ago

    But it's confirmed we'll have Broly Super Saiyan Full Power in this DLC so I don't believe we'll get base form Broly